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My World, My Way

aka: Sekai wa Atashi de Mawatteru

Official Description

The world revolves around me!

Attention, please! I am the great adventurer Elise. When I travel, I expect things to go my way—or I make them! I can change the landscape if it doesn't suit me, make monsters give me money, and always take the first turn in battle. It’s my world, and nothing will stand in my way!

  • Your world, your way— Alter the landscape to get your way! Different terrain options will open up different opportunities for new enemies and items, and give you power over your adventure.
  • Pout your way to victory— Pouting is power, and developing your selfishness is key to getting the Pout Points that will give you options to force the world to behave.
  • Not your brother’s RPG— Delight in the off-the-wall journey of a spoiled princess whose selfishness fuels her ability to successfully become an adventurer.

Source: Nintendo.com Description


  • 世界はあたしでまわってる - Japanese spelling

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