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Command & Conquer

aka: Command & Conquer: Teil 1 - Der Tiberiumkonflikt

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Critic Reviews 82% add missing review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) ( ) (100%)

My only gripe is with the control system: anyone who's played the PC version will find the joypad less responsive than a mouse, and as such controlling your army is a bit slow and awkward. However, the quick command and short-cuts are easily enough to master, and with a little practice you'll be shouting orders like Stormin' Norman! 'Tenshun!'

Jan 1997 · PlayStation · read review

Electric Playground (9 out of 10) (90%)

Comparing the Saturn and PlayStation versions of C&C is an interesting exercise. Westwood has done a tremendous job with both ports of the game but the Saturn version is the one I'd go for, despite the fact that there are more missions for the PlayStation port. Obviously the video and CG clips look better on the PlayStation but I was surprised to see how much slow down the PSX version of C&C had (especially when the screen was covered with ant-like soldiers). Also, the grainier look of the Saturn port (as opposed to the smoothed out look of the PSX version) actually makes catching the smaller details a little easier on the eyes. Overall though, the two versions are nearly identical. The gameplay, audio and control are equally solid on both 32-bit systems. Command & Conquer for the PlayStation is a kill shot, don't let it out of your sight.

May 21st, 1997 · PlayStation · read review

Absolute Playstation (9 out of 10) (90%)

Imagine the best elements of Sim City 2000 combined with the blasting fun of Re-Loaded all mixed into a game containing a very high level of artificial intelligence and you have Command and Conquer. Younger gamesplayers will enjoy building up massive forces and sending them all into the enemy base for a massive showdown with the enemy, while older players will appreciate the tactical side of the game. As stated earlier, I usually hate these types of game but I can honestly say that in my opinion this is the best game I have so far played on the Sony PlayStation.

Mar 1st, 1997 · PlayStation · read review

Mega Fun (90 out of 100) (90%)

Command & Conquer ĂŒberzeugt vor allem durch eine ausgefeilte KĂŒnstliche Intelligenz des Computergegners. Er machte es mir selten leicht, eine Mission zu erfĂŒllen, ohne daß das GefĂŒhl entstand, unfair behandelt worden zu sein - also Motivation pur. So werden Neueinsteiger krĂ€ftig daran zu knabbern haben. Hinzu kommt die einmalige Missionsvielfalt. Von Befreien ĂŒber Vernichten bis zur schlichten Sabotage ist hier alles vertreten. Auch die KomplexitĂ€t der Missionen soll nicht unerwĂ€hnt bleiben. Die Grafik ist auf den ersten Blick eher zweckmĂ€ĂŸig, jedoch liegt der Teufel im Detail: Die Level wirken sehr detailliert, die Einheiten sind allesamt gerendert und flĂŒssig animiert. Daß sich Westwood sehr viel MĂŒhe gegeben hat, zeigen auch die richtig flĂŒssigen 90 Minuten Full Motion Video. Eine TrĂ€ne bleibt leider in meinem Auge: Das Paßwort-System halte ich nicht fĂŒr die optimale Save-Lösung. Trotzdem bleibt C&C eine Empfehlung allerfeinster Art.

Dec 1996 · PlayStation

Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (35.5 out of 40) (89%)

C & C is one of the best PS titles - if for no other reason than its sheer lasting power.

Jun 1997 · PlayStation

Retro Archives (17 out of 20) (85%)

Command & Conquer sur Playstation prĂ©sente sensiblement les mĂȘmes limitations que sur Saturn (absence de multijoueur, jouabilitĂ© au pad), mais a la bonne idĂ©e d’y ajouter un peu de contenu bonus, voire mĂȘme l’intĂ©gralitĂ© de l’extension du jeu via un code. Les joueurs fĂąchĂ©s avec une souris privilĂ©gieront donc cette itĂ©ration sur la version Saturn, les autres lui prĂ©fĂšreront de toute façon la version PC.

Aug 19th, 2019 · PlayStation · read review

GameSpot (8.2 out of 10) (82%)

Overall Command & Conquer is a great strategy game and easily the best available on the PlayStation. If you're dying for intense strategy, you can't go wrong. C&C purists may want to wait until later this year, however, when Westwood releases Command & Conquer's sequel, Red Alert.

Mar 27th, 1997 · PlayStation · read review

NowGamer (8 out of 10) (80%)

As a master of PC C&C I had great hopes for the conversion and, perhaps to Westwood’s folly, higher standards with which to judge it. It’s not a bad game because the playability remains largely intact, its just that without a multi-player or mouse control, it is unwieldy and frustrating to play. The joypad is just not accurate or fast enough to cope with game mechanics as complex as this, and given that the key to success is your speed to react, it’s a major flaw. It also represents PC technology as of two years ago, and very few improvements using the PlayStation’s custom chips or palette have been made. Initially you will find C&C frustrating to play, but patience does reap rewards. It can’t be denied though that this is a great opportunity missed...

Dec 1st, 1996 · PlayStation · read review

IGN (8 out of 10) (80%)

Still, even in one player mode this game is enjoyable and will definitely keep you busy until something better comes out. Red Alert perhaps? We'll see.

Mar 31st, 1997 · PlayStation · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (16 out of 20) (80%)

Disposant des mĂȘmes qualitĂ©s que la version originale sortie sur PC, Command and Conquer se rĂ©vĂšle ĂȘtre une adaptation rĂ©ussie malgrĂ© les quelques ralentissements pouvant lĂ©gĂšrement ternir le plaisir de jeu. A noter que la PS1 a Ă©tĂ© la seule console Ă  disposer des cinq opĂ©rations spĂ©ciales crĂ©Ă©es pour le portage sur la machine de Sony. Une autre bonne raison de l'essayer sur Playstation.

Jan 21st, 2011 · PlayStation · read review

Video Games (77 out of 100) (77%)

Soll man die Entwickler nun verfluchen oder loben? Einerseits ist Command & Conquer ein geniales Action-Strategie-Spiel, das Freunde beider Genres begeistern wird. Andererseits merkt man beiden 32-Bit-Umsetzungen an, daß das Vorbild eben ein PC-Spiel ist. Fangen wir besten mit den Schwachpunkten an: es gibt keine Speicheroption. Wenn ihr bedenkt, daß euch einige Missionen Stunden beschĂ€ftigen, könnt ihr euch sicher vorstellen, wie groß der Frust ist, wenn wegen einem kleinen Fehler alles fĂŒr die Katz war. Bei der PC-Version konnte man wĂ€hrend jeder Mission beliebig oft speichern, auf Konsole erhaltet ihr nur nach jeder absolvierten Stage ein Paßwort. Der Frust, den man verspĂŒrt, ĂŒbertrifft die Motivation durch das geniale Spielprinzip manchmal bei weitem. (...) Diese MĂ€ngel fĂŒhren dazu, daß die Wertung deutlich unter denen liegt, die die PC-Version in FachblĂ€ttern erhielt, trotzdem bleibt C & C ein erstklassiges Strategiespiel.

Dec 1996 · PlayStation

neXGam (6.3 out of 10) (63%)

Da ich ein Hobby-Stratege bin, kann ich C&C jedem Zocker ans Herz legen. Insgesamt fĂ€llt die PC-Version allerdings deutlich besser aus, zumal sie sich mit schlappen 200 Mhz begnĂŒgt. Grade gesellige Zocker sollten also eher zum Original greifen.

2002 · PlayStation · read review

Eurogamer.net (UK) (6 out of 10) (60%)

So for experienced RTS players this is really of interest only as a historical curiosity. For more casual players who like the idea of real-time strategy but are intimidated by the daunting way the genre has evolved, this is probably worth a look.

May 2nd, 2008 · PlayStation 3 · read review

Player Reviews

The definitive strategy game

The Good
Well as most gamers know, this was the game that kick-started the whole Real Time Strategy genre and even after all those years since it was released Command And Conquer is still one of the best games out there. The gameplay is simple and the missions are challenging to any player. Plus the Playstation version has loads of missions than the PC version, not only does it have the missions from the "Covert Operations" mission disk, it also has some "Special Ops" missions that not even the PC, N64 or even the Sega Saturn versions have

The Bad
Some of the missions are quite hard and sometimes overwhelming (believe me, having to keep your base defended from constant attacks in some missions can really be overwhelming!)

The Bottom Line
This is one the best games you can get, very highly recommended

by Grant McLellan (584) on Sep 10th, 2001 · PlayStation

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