Copts & Robbers

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Copts & Robbers is similar to the Atari 2600 game Adventure with the player guiding a character (represented by a white square) through a maze from a top down view. The maze is located below an Egyptian pyramid that the player has fallen into when looking for the tomb of the Pharaoh Tuttut. The aim of the game is to escape the maze and to do so it is necessary to locate and collect four jewels and a vase and return them to the vault room.

The jewels can be found by opening coffins but to do that it is first necessary to find a key. Some coffins contain mummies which have to be avoided since two touches from them is enough to get killed. There are also two items that can be found: a ring that chases mummies out of the room and a killer stone that kills the mummies. On the second and third difficulty levels there are also ghosts which pick up and move around objects, reincarnates dead mummies and steals objects from the player.


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