.hack//Infection: Part 1

aka: . hack, .Hack Vol 1 Infection, dot hack Infection, 创世纪传说 1
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.hack//INFECTION is the first in a four part game series. It's a single player adventure / rpg that "simulates" an MMORPG (EverQuest, Ultima On-line) that has you playing the character Kite. You can get member addresses of other character and attempt to call them to in game to see if they are on-line to join you in a quest. Like standard MMORPG games, it has a LOT of side quests, lots of weapons and armor, a trading system for equipment among other character and the ability to move between different servers. You also have message boards and e-mail to communicate with other "players". Once you beat the game, you can still continue to play and level up your character and your character can transfer to the second game .hack//Mutation (May 2003). The story: Your friend talks you in to trying "The WORLD", the most successful on-line rpg in computer history. During your first adventure in the game with your friend (showing you the ropes) you come across a strange girl being chased by a weird monster, a strange incident causes your friend to go into a coma after the attack of unknown / hacked monster and you end up with this book that upgrades your character with an unusual gauntlet that allows you to hack in the game. Your quest starts out to find out what caused your friend to go in to a coma. This involves adventuring after sightings of the strange girl and hacking in to sealed levels. There also seems to be corrupted levels and something going on that the CC Corporation (owner of “The World) is trying to hide. .hack//INFECTION is part of Ban Dai's dot hack project that first starts with the Anime DVD series (.hack//Sign). The game series takes place after the events of the "Key of Twilight" and focus's on the "Book of Twlight". Each game in the series has a DVD episode of the .hack//Liminality anime series that show the events going on in the real world around the same time as the game.

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A new take on an old formula

The Good
The .hack series has a lot to offer in the ways of unique personalities and opportunity for growth for the characters throughtout the series. You also have a bunch of unlockables like cutscenes, background art and soundtrack songs. The unlockables are unnesscarry unless of course you're a perfectionist. You also can upgrade your weapons either by purchase, trade or throwing it into the Spring Myst in select fields. The ability to avoid battles is also very cool which cuts down the frusration. The addition of a bonus DVD with an anime episode and lots of extras is a big plus for anime fans or people who just want to learn more about the backstory.

The Bad
A dungeon crawler is still a dungeon crawler no matter how you slice it. There are only seven or eight different field types and four dungeon types so there isn't a lot of diversity. Also, a simulated MMO should at least give you the option to create your own avatar our customize your weapons which it doesn't. Also several of the duties in the game like collecting and acquiring unlockables will require you to do backtracking, A LOT of backtracking. My last gripe is the fact that you could be possibly be ganged up on 7 to 3 like I was is totally unfair in my eye.

The Bottom Line
Fans of the previous anime series .hack//Sign will definitely pick this up regardless of reviews, that's a given. Also, pending my compliants this still a breakout series that isn't called Final Fantasy. Even skeptical should at least give it a look.

PlayStation 2 · by Jacob Gens (1115) · 2008

A good story based RPG.

The Good
The best thing about this game will be apparent to anyone who plays it...the story. It is the foundation of the game, and a strong foundation it is. I love the story. The game is a simulated MMORPG called "The World", and incorporates the characteristics of an MMORPG very well. You control Kite, and you must play through "The World", solving the complex mysteries hidden behind it in order to save your friend Orca, who fell into a coma while playing the game. Along the way you meet many other "players" who join you in your quest, some for their own reasons, some just for the fun of playing. There are lots of weapons, armor, items, and magical scrolls for you to trade, buy, and sell. Characters themselves are not elemental, but the enemies are, and the weapons and armor you equip can raise or lower certain elemetal tolerance. This adds to the strategic basis of the game, while battles are more action based. The entire thing is a game inside a game, and to add to that feeling, there is even a simulated computer desktop where you can read E-mail from other players, and check up on the "news". And as if this wasn't enough, each game will feature an anime DVD, that is not only entertaining, but offers clues to rare items that can be found in the game.

The Bad
The concept of the game is incredible, but unfortunately it lacks in gameplay. For instance, the story is very linear. There is never really any investigating on your part, the game pretty much always tells you what to do. Not to mention that it is repetitive. From the "server" you choose a keyword and are transported to a field. Each field has a dungeon. And the dungeons are where everything takes place. All the dungeons are generally all the same, granted each dungeon is a different element, so they all look according to their specified element, but other than that they are the same. Although I have to say in the game's defense, even after I beat the game, I spent hours playing through dungeons, collecting treasure and leveling up (you can transfer data from the first game to the second and so on).

The Bottom Line
I'd like to make this simple and say that this game would pretty much only be appealing to fans of RPG's who would be interested in the story. But unfortunately it isn't that simple. Nothing has ever been done like this before. It is such a unique concept that I don't think you can group the type of people that would enjoy it. All I can say is that if it sounds interesting, definitely try it out, because if you are interested now, I'm almost positive you won't be dissapointed, because this really is a great game

PlayStation 2 · by DarkDove (63) · 2003

An addictive game

The Good
The simulation that its another type of game is a twist. I'm glad it didn't follow dot hack to the anime series, because that would have been a drag. Instead, we have different models of characters in the series, but makes it look new. The 45 minute DVD is a nice incentive.

The Bad
The graphics could use an upgrade. The camera angles are hideous, and its too hard to level up.

The Bottom Line
A very fun game for everybody. Dot Hack might be extremely confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it its awesome. The DVD is for all you anime lovers (ME)!

PlayStation 2 · by Exodia85 (2147) · 2004

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