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Minotaur is based on the Greek myths and takes place inside King Mino's maze on the the Isle of Crete. The player takes control of Theseus, who equipped with a laser sword has to locate and destroy the minotaur. The game is played from a top down view where the player can move around and shoot with the laser sword in four directions. The maze contains four floors which are not just inhabited by the minotaur but also an endless amount of other hostile creatures such as dragons, cyclops and centaurs. After reaching the fourth floor and killing the minotaur the player is automatically transported to a different and more difficult maze. The full game contains 32 mazes which vary for each playthrough.

In the maze the player will also come across friends and some items that can be used. When bumping into a friendly character the player obtains their powers. Elixir can be gathered by collecting bottles. When used it allows the player to roam the maze as a ghost. During that time the player can not be harmed (except by the Charon) but can neither pick up items or shoot. Clubs can also be found and used to bash through walls or floors. Collecting wings allows the player to fly above the maze and view the maze from a high altitude. Lives that are lost in battle can be recharged by coming into contact with either virgins or skulls.

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  • Sirius Software Inc.

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