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A pilot is warned by a mysterious stranger that something terrible is about to happen in his town. Rushing home, the pilot discovers that his wife and baby daughter were murdered. The stranger who tried to warn the pilot is gravely wounded; however, before dying, he passes some information to him. The hero is back on his plane, determined to avenge the deaths of his beloved ones, alone against terrorist forces whose true goals are yet unknown...

Zone 66 is a top-down shooter in which the player controls an aircraft, eliminating other planes as well as ground-based hostile units (tanks, etc.). The player-controlled aircraft is able to move in any direction, avoiding enemy fire or preparing a better angle for the next shot. There is a wide selection of aircraft to choose from and each of them, before the gameplay, can be individually equipped with different types of weapons like missiles and bombs. Battles take place on eight different maps.

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7 People (4 developers, 3 thanks)

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Average score: 77% (based on 2 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 12 ratings with 1 reviews)

Cool music!

The Good
I really loved the storyline. Despite the pixel-shooting, the storyline and getting more of it to see the end had me on edge. The excitement about an old DOS game was comparable as that to Doom or Starlancer. It also had awesome music. It was so cool that I recorded it to CD, and I listen to it when I drive in my car.

The Bad
The only thing I didn't like was its non-protected mode to run. Other than that, it was great.

The Bottom Line
This is a great game. A few people may think its a little dinky because of its age, but other than Solar Winds, its the coolest DOS game I've ever played.

DOS · by Janeil Harricharan (72) · 2005



The game was developed on a 386 running at 16 MHz. For an action game with full-screen updates, this was a technical achievement. Thomas Pytel was able to eek more speed out of such a machine because he used a preliminary version of his own 386 protected-mode extender "pmode". Unfortunately, due to the extender being an early version, the game is incompatible with all Pentiums and higher.

Enhancement Pack

A GUS Enhancement Pack was available, which provided greatly enhanced music for Gravis Ultrasound cards.


The game has a total of 8 missions. The first one was contained in the shareware version, while different companies packaged the other ones as two or four mission packs. Or altogether!

The mission titles are: * Mission 1: Foreign Shores * Mission 2: Ice Wind * Mission 3: Desert Heat * Mission 4: War Plains * Mission 5: Highway Fury * Mission 6: Plantation Crash * Mission 7: Hell * Mission 8: Final Frontier


The game features a separate soundtrack for Gravis Ultrasound devices. These tracks were not included with some versions of the game, to reduce BBS download times for people trying out the shareware version. Most songs are similar to their Ad Lib/Sound Blaster counterparts, however the title/menu music is a notable exception as it is a completely different song.


Zone 66 was one of the first games whose production team consisted almost entirely from demosceners. It is programmed and composed by two members of the legendary North American demogroup Renaissance.

Information also contributed by Demian Katz, Garcia, Tomer Gabel, and Malvineous.

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