Warlock II: The Exiled

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Windows credits (2014)

123 people (120 professional roles, 3 thanks) with 133 credits.

Ino-Co Plus

Internal Producer
Executive Producer
Project Manager
Game Designers
Programming Department Director
Lead Programmers
UI Programmer
Lead Tester
Art Department Director / Lead Artist
Lead Concept Artist
3D Artists
Special Effects Artist
IT Support
Sound Director
Music by
  • TriHorn Productions
Finance & Accounting
Special Thanks
  • Our parents; wives; husbands and children for their patience.

Paradox "Warlock 2" Team

Brand Manager

Paradox Interactive

Executive Vice President of Brands
Executive Vice President of Sales
Executive Vice President of Production
Vice President of Product Acquisition
Vice President of Marketing
Executive Assistant

Production Team

Senior Line Producers
Line Producer
Associate Line Producer
Senior Game Producer
Game Producers
Associate Game Producer
Senior QA Manager
QA Manager
Associate QA Manager
QA Testers
Senior Developer
Junior Developer

Brand Management Team

Brand Managers
Director of Publishing
Vice President of Mobile
Executive Producer - War Franchise

Marketing & PR

Senior PR Manager
PR Manager
Streaming Producer
Trailer & Video Producer
Senior Event Manager
PR & Event Assistant
Community Manager
Web Production & User Acquisition Manager
Social Media & Email Manager
Community Developers
Support Coordinator

Sales Team

Sales Managers
Sales Team

Paradox Online Publishing Services

Executive Vice President
Senior Back-End Developer
Back-End Developer
Tech Platform Lead & Analytics

Additional Testers

Additional Testers

Localisation and Voice Recording

Localisation and Voice Recording
  • Breslin Studios
  • S&H Entertainment Localization
  • Voices in My Head Productions
Voice Actors


Thanks to
  • All our partners worldwide and our long-term partners in particular.
  • Last; but not least; a special thanks to all forum members; operation partners and supporters; who are integral to our success.

Tools & Licenses

The game is designed based on TheEngine technology
  • Copyright ¬© Skyfallen Entertainment 2002-2014
  • Scaleform¬ģ
FMOD Sound System copyright
  • ¬© Firelight Technologies Pty. Ltd. 1994-2014
zlib software
Lua language
  • Copyright ¬© 1994-2014 Lua.org - PUC-Rio
libogg, libtheora, libvorbis
  • Copyright ¬© 2002-2005 Xiph.org Foundation
Boost C++ libraries
  • boost.org
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Credits contributed by Vadim Shcherbakov.