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In the war to save Zion, what part will you play? Enter The Matrix casts the player as Niobe or Ghost, captain and first mate of the rebel ship Logos, respectively. Niobe is a master combatant, capable of beating up everyone in her way. She is an excellent pilot, both in the real world and in the Matrix. Ghost is very adept at firearms, and his marksmanship is a mastery. Both characters are very athletic, and throughout the game the player will have to walk, run, jump, strafe, peek, run on walls, climb ladders and pipes, and fight various enemies.

Available weapons include a security pistol, an automatic pistol, a submachine gun, a machine gun, a shotgun, and grenades. Besides weapons, a variety of hand-to-hand moves are available, from punches, throws, and grabs to kicks and chokes. Throughout the game, the player will be called upon to utilize Focus moves, which is basically bullet time from the films. When Focused, time slows to a crawl, allowing the player to zoom around enemies, dodge bullets, and jump to avoid oncoming obstacles.

The game was written and directed by the Wachowskis, and its plot is intertwined with that of the second movie, The Matrix Reloaded.


  • 黑客帝国 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Average score: 63% (based on 68 ratings)


Average score: 2.8 out of 5 (based on 107 ratings with 9 reviews)

A game that is built to be nothing but high-action fun!

The Good
This game is very well made, starting off with the game concept. The fact that you can do the cool moves that you see in the Matrix trilogy's combined with the sheer simplicity of the interface makes this game extremely versitile and enjoyable on many levels. This game is enjoyable to the rookie gamer as well as an expert. Although I doubt a rookie would get past the middle of the game without much frustration. The graphics are really good, one of the best graphics I've seen in games recently. On my computer the graphics don't start to get glichy unless I run the game for over two hours. Restarting the game fixes the problem though. There's also a great integration between powerfull weapons and your awesome kung-fu master character. You can take the gun from a guy's hands bash him in the head with it then flip it in the air and shoot him in the face. The fluid motion of the characters in this game while fighting is really well done, the best to date I believe. What's more, you can also drive and pilot a hovercraft throughout different levels. The game can be played as either "Ghost" or "Niobi" and the plot follows the trilogy's storyline from the beginning to end, but through the eyes of these characters as opposed to the movie's main characters.

The Bad
The music could have been a bit better but its still really good nonetheless. Also the story is in depth enough. Since they use real footage with actors from the movie, they tend to be shorter than you would expect if it were generated. So the story has a hole here and there but that doesn't take away from the fun of the game. Seeing Jada Pinket Smith actually acting for the game is a really cool bonus.

The Bottom Line
This game is awesome! The AI is actually difficult to kill, and there is a number of ways of killing people in differente situations so its really hard to get bored. Focus mode is awesome too an example of it would be Max Payne but better I believe.

Windows · by Thiago Oliveira (85) · 2003

The game is awesome!

The Good
I liked how the game is so real,(like the glass breaking and books falling from being shot) and how much movie footage is in there. I also liked hacking and the fighting in the game.

The Bad
I didn't like how the game had so many short stages and it is hard to drive the car.

The Bottom Line
Enter the Matrix is a great game if you like the Matrix storyline. This game is not just based on the new movie, but is a story on its own.

GameCube · by robnic (3) · 2003

Flawed but involved and entertaining action fest.

The Good
The hype was monumental, the idea ambitious and the anticipation high but as it screams out of the gate on all major gaming platforms on the same day as the Matrix: Reloaded hits cinemas, Enter the Matrix manages to trip on as many hurdles as it clears. Although the game treads the potentially dangerous path of tying in with the 2nd film, it takes the rather smarter approach of treading largely unfamiliar ground as the action is played out from the perspective of one of two of the films minor protaganists, Ghost or Niobe. The games story actually fills in a lot of the holes the movie leaves open and was written by series creators and directors, the Wachowski brothers. In fact a big selling point is that most of the games cinemas are actually additional film footage specifically shot for the game that is not seen in any of the Matrix movies. This isn't cheaply done in a Star Wars fashion either. The films cast are present and the footage was shot alongside the two sequel films so what's on offer is of a high quality. All well and good but it's the game itself that will really decide whether all was for naught or not and here it's a decidedly mixed bag. On every count there is an upside and an anitclimactic downside so since this is the good section we'll look at the upside first. Visuals (on the GC version at least) are pretty good for the most part with some beautiful combat animation in parts that mimmicks the films trademark action scenes. Music is all taken from the films score so it's fits the bill perfectly and the sound is dead on with all the thwacks and bangs you'd expect to hear. Gameplay consists largely of Max Payne style run and gun but with liberal amounts of very kick ass hand to hand combat that really works well, allowing for a punch kick and defend/grab button. Use of these buttons in various combos along with directional pad use allows for loads of different moves and when the fire button is involved that arsenal is only expanded upon, eg: Punch a guy hard in the stomach and then pull out your gun, lift him up with it and shoot him. Of course there is bullet time presented here as focus which allows you to do the slo-mo thing as well as run up and along walls, perform stunts and elongated jumps as well as the most potent and interesting combat moves such as the ever popular 'off the wall' kicks. There are also driving stages in which you either steer or shoot from the window of a moving vechile depending on which character you choose to play as which brings us to our next point. Playing the game as Niobe is substantially different to playing as Ghost. Even though the story and scenario is the same the stages are often totally unique to each character and when they're not they are often played in a different fashion. Coupled with some different cinemas and plot points unique to each scenario and the game is well worth going through with each of them.

The Bad
visuals can sway from very good to atrociously average in a heartbeat as some areas seem like they weren't finished, indicating a rushed development. In one cutscene, the character models seem to be older versions and look dangerously worse than the regular ones. Animation is also patchy with some truly appaling work and speaking as an animator myself, some of the dodgy looking animations could have easily been fixed in no time to look better which makes them seem all the more inexcusable. Driving missions are poorly thought out with Ghosts shooting stages particularly average. In one scene the enemy pursuing your car cannot be destroyed and so it becomes more luck whether or not you escape than anything since the computer often makes some terrible driving decisions that can easily cost you the game. As for the final ship flying section in the real world it's so much worse than anything else in the game it comes as a truly horrible anti-climax. Cues that link the music together are poorly realised and result in some tracks repeating so often it becomes annoying... and then there's the bugs. ETM has some of the worst bugs I've seen in a console game. On the GC at least these bugs won't make the game unwinnable or anything (see ps2 version) but they do most definately detract. In one cutscene the entire building that the characters were in disappears so they're left talking in the sky over a black box. Characters can get stuck in tight spots, becoming immobile and although this is very uncommon it still can happen. Visual glitches also appear on occasion and agents can often get you into corners where you can't move or do anything except die.

The Bottom Line
It's not that ETM is a bad game. It's a great companion to the films and it has it's moments when it's actually a lot of fun, it's just that the game can sway from wonderful to awful a little too fast and often. Fans of the films and Max Payne would do well to take a look but try before you buy. Everyone else may as well give it a miss as there are better examples of the genre on offer.

GameCube · by Sycada (177) · 2003

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At the end of the game there is a trailer for The Matrix Revolutions.

Extra footage

The game features two hours of footage not seen in any of the movies. It was shot especially for the game by the Wachowski Brothers and features the supporting cast from The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. Carrie-Ann Moss also makes a brief appearance as Trinity although Keanu Reeves (Neo) and Laurence Fishburne (Morpheous) are both absent.

The footage was later included in The Ultimate Matrix Collection on the The Matrix Reloaded Revisited DVD.


On August 31, 2003 Enter the Matrix (PS2) won the Gold-Award from the German VUD (Verband der Unterhaltungssoftware Deutschland - Entertainment Software Association Germany) for selling more then 100,000 (but less then 200,000) units in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


The Wachowski brothers were so passionate about creating a genuine The Matrix atmosphere that they wrote a 244 page script just for the game.

The Matrix Reloaded

The game was released on the same day as the movie The Matrix Reloaded. Throughout this film, there are numerous billboards to be seen. These billboards contain cheat codes for the game.

Warner Bros. license system

The poor reviews for Enter the Matrix inspired Warner Bros. to create a system where games with WB licenses that received less than a 70% rating on average out of all game reviews would require extra royalties. This was created in an effort to minimize bad movie-licensed games from Warner Bros. products.


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Information also contributed by Daniel Albu, JPaterson, Macintrash, Maw, Solid Flamingo, Xoleras, and Zack Green.

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