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GameCube version

I was strolling down memory lane one day....

The Good
Sonic, Sonic, and more Sonic! I grew up playing Sonic 2 all day. Some of the games I never played before like Sonic 3D Blast I fell in love with due to collecting animals instead of the most rings. Also, I love it they add hidden games to play along with the 7 games already accessible. Next up, the rest of the GameCube and GBA games.

The Bad
Nothing. Nothing dissatisfied me because I am a true old school Sonic and will always will be.

The Bottom Line
If your a Sonic fan and don't have a GameCube, get one! They're only $99.99 now! So, you should have no excuses!

by Exodia85 (2147) on January 8th, 2004

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