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Metal as Phuk

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Official Description


Metal as Phuk is a Mature, Turn-Based, Crude, and Comical RPG that has one goal and one goal only: To Make You Laugh!
Play as Chael, the only surviving Paladin of the Metal Order as he embarks on his journey to stop The Dark Bards before they can summon A'Marthius, a MONSTROUS Demon D-Bag who wants nothing more than to see the world burn! A dark, insidious world full of Epic Metal References awaits you as your party battles their way through Unholy Adversaries, Big Bad Bosses, and Smaller, but -STILL- Bad Bosses! Phuk, the God of Metal watches over you on your journey... but do you have what it takes to be Metal, as Phuk?

This game features:

  • Dozens of Sick-Ass Metal References!
  • Awesome Boss Battles!
  • Turn-Based Combat System with Epic Loot and Leveling!
  • Hilarious Items and Easter Eggs Hidden Throughout the World!
  • Four Kickass Party Members with Four Kickass Classes!
  • 4 Dozen Epic Songs to Headbang to until your BRAIN FALLS OUT OF YOUR $%^&ING SKULL!
    (Crankage Games is not responsible for Cranial Extraction due to excessive headbanging...)
  • Original Storyline! (Well, as original as one can get, I mean, C'mon, Right?!)
  • "Herbs"... !

... And a Phuk-Ton More!

Source: Steam Store Description

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