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Komeiji Satori no Jousou Kyouiku


Komeiji Satori no Jousou Kyouiku is a single-player fangame based on the Tōhō series. Based on the gameplay of ChuChu Rocket!, the objective is to help Satori Komeiji guide her little sister Koishi (and occasionally their pets Rin Kaenbyou and/or Utsuho Reiuji) through a total of 120 stages.

In every stage, Satori must guide any other characters to the goal of a giftbox by directing them using arrows. While Satori can move in any direction, Koishi, Rin and Utsuho can only move in the direction of the arrows (unless they hit a wall, at which point they'll get damaged and go in the opposite direction). Occasionally, Satori will also be assisted by cakes (which, when Koishi, Rin, and Utsuho eat them, restore those characters to full health), springs (which makes a character jump high), mushrooms (which confuses a character, but does restore health and slow them down, allowing Satori more time to think), peppers (which restores health and allows a character to go faster and destroy anything in her path), and bombs (which destroys anything near the block it impacts).

If Koishi, Rin, and Utsuho take three hits, or Satori gets killed by a bomb, the stage is failed and the player must reset. Satori can also be incapacitated if other characters trample her.


  • 古明地さとりの情操教育 - Japanese spelling

Groups +

Credits (Windows version)

14 People (10 developers, 4 thanks)

Planning (きかく)
Program (プログラム)
Illustration (イラストレーツョン)
  • Haruki Minamura (皆村春樹 [blackgate - http://ts-web.dojin.com/black/])
Graphics (グラフィックス)
Music (おんがく)
  • ziki_7 [SOUNDOT ‑ http://soundot.jp]
Sound Effects (こうかおん)
  • NKZ
Mastering (マスタリング)
  • oiko [SOUNDOT ‑ http://soundot.jp]
Special Thanks (スペシャルサンクス)
  • dada
  • CNL
  • Nurupon [ぬるぽん]
  • HALT
Produced by (せいさく)
  • Twilight Frontier

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  • MobyGames ID: 92812


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