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Full Throttle

aka: Full Throttle: L'aventure plein tube, Vollgas
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Future technology paved way to the creation of hovercrafts, which began to gradually replace motorized vehicles. Ben is the leader of the Polecats, one of the toughest biker gangs on the road. One day he drives over and damages a hovercraft limousine which belongs to Malcolm Corley, owner of Corley Motors, the last domestic motorcycle manufacturer. Later, Ben is having a bit of good clean fun at the Kick Stand Bar when Corley drops by for a bit of reminiscing. This leads to a meeting with Corley Motors' vice president Adrian Ripburger, who has his own sinister plans concerning the company, the Polecats, and the future of motorized vehicles. Ben refuses to co-operate and must now face the consequences and do everything in his power to bring Ripburger to justice.

Full Throttle is a third-person puzzle-solving adventure game. The graphics are cartoon-style, similarly to LucasArts' previous adventure games Day of the Tentacle and Sam & Max Hit The Road. The game features a revamped interface: instead of choosing a command verb or an action icon and then interacting with an object, the player can now simply point at it, and the available action icons will appear automatically. These include the standard "use", "examine", and "speak" actions, but also a separate foot icon for kicking.

As in other LucasArts adventure games, the player can select different responses during most conversations. However, compared to their previous works in the genre, Full Throttle is more streamlined, with less exploration, dialogue options or puzzles. Cinematic cartoon-style cutscenes are used to advance the plot. The game also includes a few simple action driving sequences, during which the player is required to navigate a motorcycle and fight hostile bikers by punching and kicking them, as well as using crude weapons such as chains and planks.


  • Полный газ - Russian spelling

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Average score: 82% (based on 39 ratings)


Average score: 4.1 out of 5 (based on 321 ratings with 13 reviews)

Take me for another spin - I believe i could enjoy this more than once

The Good
I loved this game for it's characters and plot, it didn't follow the norm. and the storyline blew me away. Not only were the puzzles great, but the voice-overs and animations were superb considering it was made 8 years ago.

The Bad
There was one puzzle in the game that was very frustrating, where you have to kick a certain part of a wall to open a secret entrance, this is where patience has to kick in...(excuse the pun)

The Bottom Line
You become Ben, the leader of a very competitive biker gang. You meet old man Corley, the head boss of Corley Motors, who makes you an offer you can not refuse. But when you and your gang become involved, you realise it's curtains for everybody. If i ever did get the chance to recommend a LucasArts game to anybodybody, this would be it. What more can i say, LucasArts you've done it again.

DOS · by Hilary Richardson (12) · 2003

Great experience; poor adventure game

The Good
An interesting game world with amazing characters. Superb voice acting, music, sound and graphics that even today hold on

The Bad
Short. Annoying action sequences that you cannot skip. Some puzzles are disgracefully easy, while others are not intuitive and feel more like a desperate attempt to lengthen the game.

The Bottom Line
I actually played Full Throttle when it came out, almost 20 years ago, but never finished it. My friend was the one who had a copy of the game and we played it together on his PC till he had to return it, as he also did not own the game. Let me remind you that we're talking about 1995, a period where games required the installation CD to run, not as an authentication method but simply because the hard-drives were too small to contain an entire disc.

When I saw Tim Schafer play Full Throttle in the DoubleFine YouTube channel, I just had to play it from beginning to end, to finally fill that gap from 1995. So I stopped watching Tim so not to spoil the game for me, grabbed a copy and installed it on my PC.

In my memories, Full Throttle is an amazing piece of work and if I had to write a review strictly based on what I remember it'll probably be filled with compliments and phrases such as "the greatest game I ever played".

But the truth is - Full Throttle is not that great. It is quite an experience, with memorable characters, plot and atmosphere, but it fails as an adventure game. It's puzzles are simply sub-par. Most are extremely easy, and a lot of them consist of kicking stuff (one of the action verbs is kick). Only a few are smart and shine out with Tim's greatness.

Some of the puzzles, while not hard, are simply not intuitive. For example, and without spoiling too much, at one point in the game you need to have a quantity of one of the items in your inventory. However, after you picked up that item and placed it in your inventory, you can only pick it again after you used the one you already have, and while it is possible to use a copy of the item each time - it is not the solution. All items need be used at the same time to resolve the puzzle.

So how do you overcome it? You use the item, so it'll be removed from your inventory, but once you've used it, you pick it up again. You will now have in your inventory what the item contained, which is actually what you needed in the first place, and the item itself will be generated again and be available for pick up. Yes, this is the puzzle solution and not a bug in the game.

Other then that, there are action sequences peppered throughout the game. Their biggest problem is that the controls are poor and unresponsive, they're not fun at all and if they do have some sort of strategy in them then I've missed it, as I managed to pass them all by mashing buttons. And the worst is that you cannot skip them!

Tim mentioned in his play through that in order to make the protagonist believable as a tough biker guy, he had to kick stuff, including people, and that's the reason for having them in the first place. I don't think that an adventure game should force on it's players, who would've purchased an action title if they wanted, action sequences that cannot be skipped.

Along with Sam and Max, Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island, Full Throttle has that LucasArts charm which was so prominent in the mid 90's. It's story is compelling and the settings and characters are truly superb. Even today, it's cartoon like presentation looks great, not to mention it's rock soundtrack and excellent voice acting.

However, in the end, Full Throttle is an adventure game, and as one it should present challenging and interesting puzzles, and not rely on action sequences or odd puzzles to squeeze the (very) short gaming experience.

Windows · by Scytale (41) · 2014

A highly polished, original and concise game

The Good
The production values on this tale of futuristic bikers are high. In fact you may be forgiven for thinking you're watching a cartoon rather than playing a game at points, the cut-scenes are long but very well written and expertly animated, no minutes spent watching the same screen of two sprites having a conversation.

The story is original and great, cast as a Hell's Angels type biker Ben, you have to clear up the framing of you and your gang for killing the boss of the last motorcycle manufacturer in America. The setting is expansive, the wide open spaces and roads, enhanced by an excellent sound track. the animation is perfectly done to really give a sense of speed to a point and click adventure, no mean feat. Pace is added by blending the game engines as well, most of the game uses the classic SCUMM engine, but it also throws in the engine from Star Wars: Rebel Assault for an arcade sequence, and then another custom built one for a Destruction Derby sequence. This blend works pretty well, aside from some control problems in the derby, and it's difficult to see the joins.

Something people often complain about it something that I like, the short length. It never overstays it's welcome, which is nice as the plot doesn't really twist and turn that much.

The Bad
It seems to counter the short length the designers made the puzzles quite convoluted. Often there's several steps to them which are entirely obvious, so whilst you know what you want to achieve and the method for doing it, sometimes you don't know exactly where to click to do it. This happens especially when you fail to notice the vital pixel on screen. I've always found that Lucasarts games have obscure puzzles, so I suppose I should have expected it.

The Bottom Line
Full Throttle is a fun short game which feels like you're watching a tv show whilst you're playing. As a staple of Lucasart's output it deserves to be played.

Windows · by RussS (807) · 2010

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1001 Video Games

Full Throttle appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.

Cancelled sequel

A 3D sequel was in development, called Full Throttle: Hell On Wheels, but it was officially canned on 7th August 2003. A brief statement from LucasArts president Simon Jeffery said: "We do not want to disappoint the many fans of Full Throttle and hope everyone can understand how committed we are to delivering the best quality gaming experience that we possibly can."


In addition to the SCUMM engine, lead programmer Stephen Shaw and Mark Crowley used Vince Lee's Rebel Assault engine for some of the action scenes. This was pretty hard to do since both programs have their own calls to the processor and means of handling data. However, the R.A. sequences were kept discreet and the SCUMM engine was reworked so it could multi-task and keep all of is variable states in their location while the R.A. engine started up, allocated its own memory locations, and shutted down.

The use of the R.A. engine also caused problems in the art department. Since the engine was originally conceived to be as photo-realistic as possible, when the art team placed Peter Chan's drawings as texture maps over the 3D hills they started getting 15-20 k of data per frame of animation, thus causing the desert terrain too look overly realistic in contrast to the rest of the game world. The Over-rendered terrains as well as other features (like parallaxing sky and optimized data flows) were then scaled down to create a continuous game world.

Full Throttle uses 3 engines: SCUMM, INSANE and iMUSE.

Mini game

Following what Lucasarts had begun with Sam & Max (mini-games inside the game), Full Throttle has one special 'game' in it. If you wanna play what Emmet is playing in the Kickstand (that is, after you leave the town where you first meet Maureen and the police set up roadblocks) all you gotta do is ask him several times (and I DO mean several times) using the "I can do that" dialogue option. You won't get any prize if you succeed in using the knife without cutting your hand but, hey, you won't lose anything by chopping it up either!


  • At one point in the game, Miranda, the reporter says "Help me Ben, You're my only hope!" This is, of course, a reference to Star Wars.
  • The Cavefish's suits are of course based on the Tusken Raiders (or Sand People) that you see in A New Hope.
  • Emmett the trucker has an Imperial logo tattoo on his right arm.
  • Some of the Vultures are named Razor, Wendy, and Sid - all names of characters in Lucasarts' Maniac Mansion.
  • When you've stalled the blue car in the demolition derby, run over to the box seats. Max's head (from Sam & Max) should be one of the posters on the wall.
  • The sequence near the game's end (with Ben and Ripburger fighting in a plane that's teetering on the edge of a cliff) is a parody of a similar scene in the 60s heist movie The Italian Job.


The soundtrack to the game is basically its own CD, available at many record stores around the country. A San Fransisco biker band called the Gone Jackals did most of the "biker" music for the game. Their CD Bone to Pick features almost every song from the game, along with many other songs. It became the best-selling item in the LUCAS mail order catalog.

Also included is a non-Gone Jackals song: Increased Chances.


  • Computer Gaming World
    • June 1996 (Issue #143) – Adventure Game of the Year (Readers' Vote)
    • November 1996 (15th anniversary issue) – #9 Most Memorable Game Hero (Ben Whatsisname)
    • November 1996 (15th anniversary issue) – #5 Most Memorable Game Villain (Adrian Ripburger)
    • November 1996 (15th anniversary issue) – #10 Most Rewarding Ending of All Time
  • GameStar (Germany)
    • Issue 12/1999 - #89 in the "100 Most Important PC Games of the Nineties" ranking

Information also contributed by Apogee IV, Itay Shahar, James1, Macintrash, Maw, Mitch Kocen, n-n, Swordmaster, Tiago Jacques and Zovni

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