Full Throttle

aka: Full Throttle: L'aventure plein tube, Vollgas

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DOS credits (1995)

270 people (196 professional roles, 74 thanks) with 319 credits.

Lead Programming
Additional Programming
Graphics / Artwork
3D Modelling
Project Leader
Contributing Designer
Package Design
Cover Illustration
Manual Written by
Manual Design
Special Thanks To
Lead Animator
Lead Artist
Orchestral Composer & Music Producer
Contributing Writer
Vehicle Designs
3D Vehicle Models
Character Designs
The Gone Jackals Are
The Gone Jackals Appear Courtesy of
  • Blue/Black Records
The Songs
  • Get Outta Town
  • Trapped
  • Let 'Er Rip
  • Drop the Hammer
  • Legacy
  • Born Bad
  • Love Comes Crawling
  • Not Buried Deep Enough
All 1995 by
Except "Drop the Hammer" 1995 by
The Gone Jackals' music from Full Throttle is available, complete and unedited, on their new audio CD
  • Bone to Pick - available on Blue/Black Records
Gone Jackals Music Was Remixed for Full Throttle at
  • Dave Wellhausen Studios - San Francisco
  • Poolside Studios - San Francisco
  • Sound & Vision - San Francisco
Jackal Wrangler
"Increased Chances" performed by
  • Chitlins
  • Whiskey & Skirt
"Increased Chanced" 1995 by
Chitlins, Whiskey & Skirt Appear Courtesy of
  • Flosstoonz Records - Chicago ILL.
"1000 CC Chanty" Music by
"1000 CC Chanty" Lyrics by
LucasArts Installer/Launcher by
Boot Disk Maker by
Demo Launcher by
Additional Programmer
Translations Programmer
Additional Animators
Launcher Art
Additional Compositing/Editing
Additional Art Technicians
Artistic Support
Voice Production Assistant
The Voice Producer Would Like to Thank
  • The Dubeys at Dubey Tunes Studios - San Francisco California
  • The Goetzes at Room 222 - Hollywood CA
  • Paul Doherty (at C.E.D.)
  • Arlene at Thornton & Associates
  • Ellen Mait (at B. Ball and S. Schnarr)
  • Craig J. (at Actor's Exchange)
  • Roy Conrad (Very special adulations to)
Production Manager, International
Official Corley Test Driver and Technical Writer
Additional Testing
QA Archivist
Motorcycle Operators
Haitian Political Analysis
Public Relations Manager
Public Relations Associates
International Licenses
International Assistant
Full Throttle Players Guide
Product Support Lead Hint Rep
Product Support Hint Line Supervisor
Product Support Leads
Product Support Supervisor
Product Support Manager
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Information Systems
Legal Machismo
High-Powered Business Negotiating
Chief Technical Officer
Art Director
Art Department Supervisor
Mr. Big Music Guy
Director of Marketing
Director of Talent
Human Resources Associate
Director of Sales and Operations
Key Accounts Manager
Manufacturing and Distribution
Sales Customer Service
Administrative Support
Presidential Support
Kept Track of My Piles of Money
Made Me a Big Star
Lifestyle Coordinator
Camela Coordinator
Almost on the Project
If It Weren't for
Off-Road Research
Said It Was a Good Idea
Also Missed Christmans
Almost Drove Him Crazy
Led Other Projects
Supported the General Coolness
Whined About Not Being in the Credits
Well-Behaved at the Ranch
Unspecified Wrangling
The Team Would Like to Thank the Following People
The Team Would Like to Thank the Following Cats
  • Chuck 1976-1995
  • Dandelion
  • Eartha & Pumpkin
  • Freida
  • Indy
  • Hobbes
  • Monkey
  • Trouble
  • Smidgeon
  • Whisper 1986-1995
Tim Would Like to Thank
  • no cats and does not endorse cat ownership
Special Biker Haiku Section!

Deutsche Version

  • Oliver & Otti
  • DTK-Publishing-Service Willich
  • Lippert Druck & Verlag

Softgold Computerspiele GmbH & Home Software Benelux BV (Dutch Version)

International Coordination
Product Logistics
Project Management the Netherlands
Editor Dutch Manual
Manual Translation
Design Manual
Design Packaging
  • DTK-Publishing-Service [Willich]
  • Sonopress
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