Fruit Monster: The Angry Eater

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In Fruit Monster: The Angry Eater players control Nomster, a small monster that eats everything it finds. The aim of the game is to eat all fruits that appear in the screen. Nomster will always move forward and eat everything it finds. To control it, players have to tap the screen and Nomster will change its course, avoiding the direction tapped. The screen is surrounded by a fence that must also be avoided; if Nomster eats the fence and leaves the screen, the game is over.

Besides the fruits, bombs will also appear on screen. If Nomster eats them, it will lose a heart (from a total of three). Sometimes hearts will also appear and must be eaten to replenish life. Some fruits have special effects: a red fruit is pepper flavored and makes Nomster move much faster, making it difficult to control. Eating ice will cancel its effect.

The game features a kids mode that removes the hazards and makes the fence indestructible. It also features 23 in game achievements.


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