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Eoroid / Acid Runner


This compilation contains two games: Eoroid* is a puzzle game played on a 19x9 board. The main goal is to remove all the blocks from the board within limited numbers of moves. By clicking on a single spot, the player affects all the fields around by their reversal, including the chosen one. The filled block disappears and a blank spot is replaced with the filled block. Basically, each taken action reverses simultaneously 9 fields, one in the middle, and 8 around (3x3 square). The game features 60 levels altogether.

  • Acid Runner is a Lode Runner variant. The game is all about timing and proper usage of ladders and ropes while avoiding all the enemies and obstacles. The protagonist needs to collect all items scattered out over the levels and reach the escape doors before the time runs out. The task is complicated by numerous enemies roaming around which should be avoided and various electrical discharges. The only way to get rid of a guard is to make a hole in the ground, which may be used as temporary prison. After a certain amount of time a hole is filled up and the guard regains freedom. The game features 30 levels.

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Credits (Commodore 64 version)

5 People

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Music by
(c) 1993
  • L.K. Avalon
Binary Masochist
Master of the Brush
Logo Creator
Sound Enchanter
Copyright © 1993
  • L.K. Avalon
Done by (1992)
  • Inflexion

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