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WipEout 64

Nintendo 64 credits (1998)

58 People (54 developers, 4 thanks)

Additional Graphics
Produced By
  • Chasing Radium
  • Feel at Home
  • Monouth Boy
  • Tomorrow Reborn
  • Sonic Trip
  • Miles Ahead
  • Copyright PC Music ©1998
"Goodnight Lover" and "Absurd"
  • Performed by Fluke
  • Published by V2 Music Publishing Ltd.
  • Written and recorded by Fluke
  • P 1997 Circa Records
  • Licensed courtesy of Virgin Records Ltd.
"Bang On"
  • Performed by Propellerheads
  • Produced by Propellerheads
  • Alex Gifford (Written by)
  • Published by Chrysalis Music Limited
Sound Effects
QA (Alpha)
QA (Beta)
QA (Internal Submission)
Box Art & Marketing Images
Manual Text & Insanity
Product Manager
Project Manager
Thanks To
  • The Wipeout & Wipeout XL Teams
  • Andy Yelland
  • Designers Republic
  • The Zone

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