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99 Action & Arcade is a collection of single player games which are variations and clones of classic arcade hits of yesteryear.

What the player gets when they install this game are the following ten games each of which have ten levels.
  • Tank Battle:
    This game consists of ten levels each lasting twenty or thirty minutes. The arrow keys are used to steer the tanks, the mouse changes the players point of view and the spacebar fires the gun. The objectives change with each level but typically they pit the player against computer controlled enemy tanks, or teams of tanks, and the player must are to survive to the end of the game and achieve a high score by destroying the enemy.
  • Tank Duel:
    This game is very similar to Tank Battle and uses the same controls. Here the player must destroy the enemy over a series of ten or fifteen minute rounds.
  • Tank Duel:
    This game is very similar to Tank Battle and uses the same controls. Here the player must destroy the enemy over a series of ten or fifteen minute rounds. The player wins the round if they score more points/kills than the enemy, when a round ends the next one starts immediately.
  • JP-Flight Space Shooter:
    This game is a Space Invader style game. Enemies advance down the screen in ranks and the player must eliminate them. It is entirely keyboard controlled, left/right arrows move the ship and the space bar fires the weapon. The player has five lives and ten thousand health points. Health points are lost when the player takes a hit or collides with an enemy but points can be scored by destroying enemy craft. The longer the game progresses the harder it becomes to destroy an enemy ship, what was once destroyed by a single hit may take two, three or more hits to destroy.
  • Asteroid Hunter:
    This game is a variation on Asteroids. There are ten levels in which the objective is to destroy asteroids, on some levels the player has wingmen who assist in the destruction. The arrow keys are used to steer the ship and the mouse is used to aim and fire. In this game there are bonus items to be collected, these may increase or decrease the player's health points and can provide short periods of invulnerability.
  • Planet Defender:
    This game to is a variation on Asteroids, however here the player must protect a planet from the onslaught of rocks. The game uses the same controls and bonuses as Asteroid Hunter so game play is very similar. Later levels introduce multiple planets, space stations and enemy spacecraft. The player starts with ten thousand health points which are decreased when the spaceship hits an asteroid but which are increased as the rocks are atomised. The planet starts with thirty thousand health points which are eroded as it is struck by rocks, the game ends when the planet is destroyed.
  • Up-Shooter:
    This game is a Galaxian style style game. Enemies swoop across and down the screen and the player must eliminate them. Other than that difference the game is the same as Space Shooter. It uses the same controls, health points regenerate and the enemies become harder to kill.
  • Robot Arena:
    Here the player controls a robot, a kind of tracked vehicle, and drives it around a maze. The player starts unarmed and must collect lasers, cannon, etc by finding them in the maze. There are ten levels, all apart from one are thirty minutes long and have the same "destroy opposing robots to score points" objective. The odd level out is a one where the player has no weapons and must survive for five minutes.
    As with other games in this compilation the arrow keys steer the robot and the mouse aims the weapon.
  • Space Race:
    This is reminiscent of the training levels in Tie Fighter. The player has to race around a track that consists of a tunnel made from hoops suspended in space. The mouse steers the craft while the forward/backward arrow keys control the speed.
  • Cannon Shoot:
    This is another tank game, the difference here is that the tank is fixed in the landscape. In the early levels tanks pass from left to right and the player must destroy a fixed number within the time period of the game. Some tanks will attack the player's tank. The game is over if the player loses all five lives or if too many tanks get past the player and disappear into the distance on the right of the screen. Later levels introduce spaceships and asteroids but the principle remains the same.
  • Interceptor:
    A never ending line of enemy craft fly across the top of the screen dropping bombs. The player has a craft which shoots forward, left and right simultaneously. The objective is to destroy as many craft and bombs as possible to achieve a high score. Later levels limit the players ammunition and require that the craft visits the bottom right corner to reload. As with other games the player starts with five lives and ten thousand health points which increase as things are destroyed.
There is no high score table, no pause, no save game facility and no automatic progression from one game level to the next in any of the above games. Neither is there any in-game help text, in all cases the objectives and controls are specified on the main menu screen when the game / level is selected.


99 Action & Arcade Windows Interceptor. Eventually the game reaches a point where the enemy craft and the rain of bombs is continuous
99 Action & Arcade Windows Up-Shooter. This shows the game being selected from the main menu. The game objectives and controls are shown in the central area.
99 Action & Arcade Windows Interceptor. This is level ten, the player must protect the buildings and visit the corner to reload.
99 Action & Arcade Windows Cannon Shoot. The objective of this level is to destroy 300 tanks in 30 minutes without letting 150 tanks sneak past

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