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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight

aka: Flight Simulator 9, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: Cien Años de Aviación, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: Das Jahrhundert der Luftfahrt, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: Un secolo di Aviazione, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: Un siècle d'aviation

Windows credits (2003)

250 People (221 developers, 29 thanks)

Business Development
Geographic Data
Print Design
Product Management
Product Support
Program Management
User Experience
User Test (Usability)
ABL Development (Lessons)
  • Advent Aviation Software
Aircraft Consultation
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association[AOPA; Frederick MD]
  • Al Blake
  • The Boeing Company[Seattle; WA]
  • Bombardier Aerospace Flight Operations[Business Aircraft; Commercial Aircraft and de Havilland aircraft divisions; Wichita KS]
  • Cessna Aircraft Company[Wichita and Independence; KS]
  • Classic Helicopters[Seattle; WA]
  • Experimental Aircraft Association[EAA; Oshkosh; WI]
  • FlightSafety Boeing[Seattle; WA]
  • FlightSafety International[Cessna Caravan training division; Wichita; KS]
  • Galvin Flying Service[Seattle; WA]
  • Jeppesen Sanderson[Englewood; CO]
  • John Lanoue
  • Kenmore Air Harbor[S60; Kenmore; WA]
  • Peter McMillan
  • Raytheon Aircraft Company[Wichita; KS]
  • Seaplane Pilots Association[Lakeland; FL]
  • Systems Management Inc.[Hunt Valley; MD]
ATC Voices
Flight Instruction Consultation
  • Rod Machado (ATP; CFII Author; humorist and educator;and AOPA National CFI Spokesman)
Meteorological Consultation
Place Name Pronunciations for ATC Audio
Special Thanks
Video Production: King Schools, Inc.

Management Team

Vice President of Game Publishing
PC Games General Manager
ACES Product Unit Manager
ACES Business Development Manager
ACES Group Program Manager
ACES Development Manager
ACES Art Director
ACES Test Manager
ACES Group Assistant
Group User Experience Manager

Additional Credits

VFR aeronautical charts published by
  • U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration National Aeronautical Charting Office
Generic terrain images provided by
  • Aeromap U.S.A.
  • Eurosense Belfotop N.V.
  • The Geoinformation Group
  • Intrasearch Inc
  • Japan Geographical Survey Institute
  • National Aerial Resources
  • Walker and Associates
Custom airport and city images provided by
  • Aeromap U.S.A.
  • Eurosense Belfotop N.V.
  • The Geoinformation Group
  • Intrasearch Inc
  • Japan Geographical Survey Institute
  • Space Imaging Inc.
Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) provided by
  • Land Info International[LLC]
  • WorldSat International Inc
Parts of the generic terrain textures are created using patterns extracted from images taken by
  • Japan Geographical Survey Institute
Video recording and production services provided by
  • King Schools Inc
Collaborative writing
Ground School artwork provided by
Photo Sources
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  • Air Force Historical Research Agency
  • Corbis
  • Hulton Archive/Getty Images
  • King Schools
  • Rod Machado
  • Minnesota Historical Society/CORBIS
  • Museum of Flight/CORBIS
  • Paul A. Souders (CORBIS)
  • The collection of Craig Morris[the postcard.com/craig]
  • Tecmap Corporation/Eric Curry/CORBIS
  • Underwood & Underwood/CORBIS.

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