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    Xbox LIVE Multiplayer 2-4, HD (High Definition). Unlock the full version of A Kingdom for Keflings for even more homes, buildings, and workshops to build! Join up to three of your friends via Xbox LIVE to cooperatively construct the kingdom of your dreams. The full version of A Kingdom for Keflings includes achievements to earn, more Keflings to attract and many more opportunities to fill your kingdom full of love! This game requires the Xbox 360 hard drive or the 512MB Memory Unit for storage.

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NinjaBee press release (March 24, 2010):

    A Kingdom for Keflings arrives on PC with sale of Kelfing-tine proportions

    Orem, Utah – Mar. 24, 2010 – Whoever said bigger was better? Today Independent video games developer NinjaBee announced it has released its award-winning game, A Kingdom for Keflings, with a fitting promotion - for a limited time you can start building a kingdom for those half-sized Keflings for half the price.

    NinjaBee President and co-owner Steve Taylor had the following comments about the new game:

    “Keflings with a mouse?
    Snow falling on tiny hats,
    On my home PC!”

    A Kingdom for Keflings became available to purchase for today exclusively on for the discounted price of $9.99 USD. The special 50% off offer will last for just more than two weeks through April 7, 2010. Following the sale the game will return to its full price of $19.95 USD. At that time A Kingdom for Keflings will also be made available through other video game distribution portals.

    The PC version includes four new playable giants not included in the Xbox LIVE® Arcade version, bringing the total number to eight characters players can choose from to help build up and customize kingdoms for the tiny Keflings. Featuring a light-hearted, play-at-your-own-pace style of gameplay with beautiful visuals and catchy, frolicsome music, A Kingdom for Keflings offers players a relaxing, fun experience that is unexpectedly addictive.

    The popular, innovative city-building title originally arrived on Xbox LIVE Arcade on Nov. 19, 2008 and more than a year later remains among the downloadable service’s most downloaded titles. A Kingdom for Keflings was voted the 2008 Xbox LIVE Arcade Award-winner for Best Family Game.

    The PC version does not include the option to play as your customizable Xbox avatar.

    For more information about A Kingdom for Keflings visit

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NinjaBee press release (November 19, 2008):

    A Kingdom for Keflings Available Today

    Orem, Utah - November 19, 2008 - NinjaBee, a leading independent developer of Xbox LIVE® Arcade titles, announced today its latest title, A Kingdom for Keflings, is the premium and only new Xbox LIVE Arcade game to incorporate in-game Xbox LIVE Avatar support for the launch of the New Xbox Experience. Players can use their customized Avatar in the game to personally build their kingdom and boss around the tiny Keflings.

    Players can use the new, customizable Avatar system to create a unique Avatar that looks the way they want and reflects their individual personality. These custom characters can instantly be put to work in the game interacting with Keflings, building buildings, collecting resources and even doing some custom animations like scaring the Keflings away, dancing, posing, and pointing and laughing. Xbox LIVE Avatars can be personalized through a wide variety of apparel and accessories that will be updated every two weeks and available for free. Your custom Avatar can be shared with friends, used to chat with people in LIVE Party, and can even star as the main character in certain games, such as A Kingdom for Keflings.

    "A Kingdom for Keflings allows players to create a kingdom according to their own play style," said Steve Taylor, President of NinjaBee. "It was designed from the start to be a customizable experience. With the addition of Xbox LIVE Avatars, players can now further tailor their experience by putting themselves into the game. Avatar characters can do everything the built-in giants can do, but they look even better doing it."

    A Kingdom for Keflings is an innovative new city-building title from the studio that developed and published the award winning Band of Bugs, Outpost Kaloki X and Cloning Clyde. A Kingdom for Keflings features fun and light-hearted gameplay with stunning visuals and original music to match. The gameputs players in the shoes of their very own giant avatar who is personally helping a village of Keflings become a full city. Giants start out with a small village and a handful (literally!) of helpful Keflings who are small humanoids that follow the player's commands and try not to get stepped on. Each game is different as players customize their kingdom to their personal vision. The online multiplayer option allows up to four giants to build a kingdom cooperatively over Xbox LIVE Arcade. A Kingdom for Keflings is rated "E" For Everyone and can be downloaded directly from Xbox LIVE Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points.

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    Also on Xbox LIVE Arcade
    Build your own Medieval world in A Kingdom for Keflings, a city-building game from NinjaBee.

    Play as a giant to help the tiny Keflings build up and beautify their Kingdom. Start out small, unlocking new blueprints, buildings and tasks as you work towards designing and building a Kefling castle. Create your own private world, or construct a kingdom with your friends online!


    TThe full game lets you save your progress and includes:

    • Fun and direct interaction with Keflings including carrying them around, assigning jobs to them and training them to do simple tasks
    • Extensive customization of the city through personally building each building, customizing the look and color of buildings, and decorating the village with additional elements such as trees, topiaries and statues
    • The ability to build cities online cooperatively with your friends
    • Stylized animated graphics that change with the seasons, season-based gameplay, and a dynamic-music soundtrack (which adapts to the season) give the game an unusually strong sense of life and activity

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    Build your own Medieval world using your own customized Xbox Live Avatar in A Kingdom for Keflings, a new city-building game from NinjaBee. Create your own private world, or construct a kingdom with your friends over Xbox LIVE!

    The full game lets you save your progress (including unlocked achievements and gamer pictures), and includes:
    • In-game playable Xbox Live Avatars
    • An interactive world featuring little Keflings who help you harvest resources and build your kingdom
    • A large selection of components and buildings you can use in creating your own world
    • Customization features like statues and topiary and the ability to paint roofs and walls to your liking
    • A cooperative city-building experience with up to 4 players online with Xbox LIVE
    • A unique set of achievements, leaderboards, and other Live features
    • Additional downloadable content coming soon


    For a collection of press about the game so far, see the A Kindom for Keflings Press thread in our forums, or check out the metacritic page for A Kingdom for Keflings for a collection of reviews and scores.

    • The do-what-you-like pacing, charming presentation, and endlessly addictive nature of tackling increasingly complex structures [...] mirrors an addiction we haven’t experienced since we last preened in our pretty piñata gardens.” –Matt Cabral, Official Xbox Magazine 9.0/10
    • “even the best strategist could enjoy a fun workout like this” — Andy Eddy, Team Xbox 8.7/10
    • “If you’re looking for a laid back alternative to the typical XBLA fare, ‘A Kingdom for Keflings’ is for you. It’s a humorous, low-pressure/high reward strategy game that gives your brand new Xbox avatar something fun to do” — Terry Terrones, GamePro. Fun Factor: 4.25/5
    • “NinjaBee’s latest downloadable game is whimsical, humorous, unique and has none of the high-pressure feel of your typical strategy game.” — Ryan Geddes, IGN 8.2/10
    • “A Kingdom for Keflings is a fantastic take on a well-established PC genre, and the omission of impediments allows for soothing, peaceful gameplay and extreme ease of entry for gamers of all ages.” — Mitch Dyer, Gamespot 8.0/10

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    Place your customized Xbox LIVE® Avatar in the medieval world of A Kingdom for Keflings, a new city-building game from NinjaBee. Play as your Avatar or choose from other friendly giants as you teach the local Keflings how to collect and convert resources to customize your kingdom. Educate and train your Keflings to become workers, scholars, even Mayor of the city! Build your kingdom alone or cooperatively with up to three of your friends online. The more you build, the more buildings you unlock and the more Keflings you attract, so start building today!

    • City-building fun: In an original approach to a well-loved genre, A Kingdom for Keflings features a large avatar interacting with the Keflings, resources, and buildings of a small village. Resources and Keflings can be converted from one type to another. Buildings can be built and upgraded with a combination of specific resources and specific Kefling types. Buildings in turn make new resources and Kefling types available, unlock new building types, attract more Keflings, and achieve other game goals.

    • Xbox LIVE Avatar: It's the first game of its kind on Xbox LIVE Arcade to support full in-game playable avatars. Move your avatar around, pick up the Keflings and pop them into buildings.

    • Customization: Make your city your own by customizing the look and color of buildings, and decorating the village with additional elements such as trees and walkways.

    • The time of the season: Stylized animated graphics change with the seasons, and a dynamic music soundtrack (which adapts to the season and the state of the village) gives the game an unusually strong sense of life and activity.

    • Co-op play: Build cities online cooperatively with your friends.

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