A Kingdom for Keflings Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Options menu
Selecting the giant.
Female giant
Painting the rooftops.
Building large structures.
Game start
Blueprints tree
Town square resource requirements.
Dragging a Kefling to a nearby forest.
Carrying the platforms.
House blueprints
Basic workshop menu
Finishing a house by putting a love heart inside it to receive two new Keflings.
The town square lists all the upgrades received so far.
Building a town workshop.
The books are later added to the school library.
The town workshop is complete, unlocking the lumbermill blueprints.
Starting to build a town hall.
Town hall almost complete.
Construction time
Town hall complete
The mayor gives quests.
The giant found a pair of magic shoes.
Contractor's office menu
Shearing the sheep.
Digging out the crystals.
The Keflings can do any menial labor.