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Asylum Screenshots (Acorn 32-bit)

User Screenshots

Acorn 32-bit version

Title screen with story
Main menu
Starting out
I've found another weapon
These slimes are the first enemies we come across
Shooting at the slimes with a four way gun
What is this thing, I don't really know
Enemy being killed
Different objects can found all around and gives points
A teleporter
Enemies are quite abstract - here some kind of electric bubble
Lots of objects - lots of points
Above I can see the shut down button - but how do I reach it?
Oh no! I died
Usually a good idea not to get caught in the explosion
Getting bonus points
This looks like a powerful weapon
Picking up stars may take me to a bonus room
Using an elevator
Managed to shut the brain cell down and got lots of points for it
Lots of things going on here
Game over
High score
Starting a new game in another mental zone
Standing on a bridge
This zone has the pick ups are fruit
That's a big strawberry
Atom bomb - better not touch it
This is a really powerful weapon
And this is why you should not touch the atom bomb
You don't want to be killed by a flower