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Advertising Blurbs website:
    James Pond

    With tongue firmly in cheek, and more than a wink aimed at a certain Ian Fleming creation, the hugely successful character James Pond first appeared in the games world in 1990.

    The intrepid international fish of mystery is currently available on GBA and PSOne.

    Four games using the James Pond character were created during a four-year period. In 1990, James Pond: Underwater Agent appeared on the Atari ST, Commodore Amiga and Sega Genesis (Megadrive), published by Electronic Arts and Millennium Interactive. Between 1991 and 1994, James Pond 2 - Codename Robocod was released on thirteen platforms ranging from the Commodore C64 and Sega Genesis, to Super Nintendo (SNES) and finally Nintendo Game Boy. Publishers ranged from US Gold (now Eidos), to Ocean (now Infogrames), Electronic Arts (USA) and JVC (Japan). In 1992, Electronic Arts and SCi published Aquatic Games, a brief foray into a somewhat sportier genre, for the Amiga and Sega Genesis and SNES. Pond’s last mission in the 16-bit era was published by Electronic Arts in 1994, when he appeared in James Pond 3 on Sega Genesis.

    These games were diverse in their implementation offering novel and challenging play mechanics in each case. Although appearing in many guises the Pond character remained recognisably constant from game to game and has, even to this day, remained memorable. In all, the James Pond series of games has sold in excess of two million units worldwide.

    Christmas 2003 saw the release in Europe of modified versions of James Pond 2 - Codename RoboCod on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance and PSOne, through publishers PlayIt. Presently, Gameware is also working on a substantial new Pond project for the present generation of superconsoles, including PlayStation 2 and X-Box.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76362) on Sep 27, 2004.

Back of GBH reissue box - Amiga/ST:
    You are James Pond - underwater agent. Through 12 missions of brilliant arcade action save the sea from destruction, rescuing rare creatures, plugging leaking oil tankers and retrieving radioactive canisters.

    Contributed by Martin Smith (70637) on Sep 22, 2004.