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A good conversion of an entertaining little game ZX Spectrum Martin Smith (66822)
Much better than Spy Hunter SEGA Master System Katakis | カタキス (41069)
A shooter of mixed genres, flying and driving. SEGA Master System Ash_1 (76)
Excellent Spy Hunter clone. SEGA Master System gametrader (233)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 10 2.5
Amstrad CPC Awaiting 5 votes...
Arcade Awaiting 5 votes...
Atari ST Awaiting 5 votes...
Commodore 64 7 2.2
DOS 5 2.7
SEGA Master System 15 2.9
ZX Spectrum 6 2.7
Combined User Score 43 2.6

Critic Reviews

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AmigaAmiga Computing (Jan, 1990)
With five multi-stage missions, it will take a long time for your wrist to recover from this one. It may look five years out of date, but it's true arcade action. Everyone needs at least one shoot-'em-up in their software collection not written by The Bitmap Brothers - make sure it's Action Fighter.
SEGA Master SystemDefunct Games (Jul 01, 2006)
Overall Action Fighter is a case of the imitator being better than the source material, largely due to the Master System's more powerful hardware. It does lose marks for terrible music, sensitive controls and overall lack of originality. But don't let Action Fighter fool you, it's worthy of your collection.
ZX SpectrumCrash! (Dec, 1989)
If you like a fast blasting game take a look at Action Fighter.
AmigaCommodore User (Oct, 1989)
I never saw the coin op, so I can't really make any comparisons to graphics or sound. However, the sprites and backdrops are a little on the simple side, probably because the game is, once again, an ST port. Sound is simple spot FX, there isn't anything really mind-blowing about it. A fun game, and one well worth getting hold of if you just want something fast and destructive.
AmigaCompute's Amiga Resource (Oct, 1989)
Action Fighter combines road racing excitement and shoot-'em-up action into a unique arcade challenge. The graphics and sound are very good, and the gameplay is excellent. If you're looking for a hot new arcade game with a little variety, buy this game. It's a lot of fun.
SEGA Master SystemGamesCollection (Sep 15, 2008)
Action Fighter è una conversione interessante. Il titolo è un gioco valido di classico stampo arcade che riesce a far divertire il videogiocatore. Vi sembra poco?
SEGA Master SystemThe Video Game Critic (Jul 11, 2007)
The concept behind Action Fighter is absolute money, but a few rough edges prevent it from being an elite Master System title. First off, I hate how you instantly explode when you touch a freakin' guardrail. Since the road tends to suddenly branch or become narrow, you'll be crashing on a regular basis, disrupting the flow of the game. If the guardrail just slowed you down, that would have made the game much better. By the same token, I found the controls to be extremely touchy. There's nothing worse that being outfitted with brand new weapons, only to suddenly veer into a guardrail accidentally! Other flaws include the cheesy looping soundtrack and the fact that your score doesn't truly seem to convey how well you played. Action Fighter is fast and addicting, but could have benefited greatly from some fine tuning.
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Dec, 1989)
A faithful conversion of an obscure, yet enjoyable coin-op. It's fun for a while, but it by no means an essential purchase. Buy it if you're feeling nostalgic.
SEGA Master SystemTilt (Dec, 1987)
La réalisation de ce jeu est de qualité. Les graphismes sont corrects, l'animation fort précise et la bande sonore de qualité. Un regret : l'effet de 3D n'est pas vraiment bien rendu. Cette cartouche bien réalisée est de plus fort attrayante. Que demander de plus ?
SEGA Master SystemGénération 4 (1987)
Ce jeu est un assez bon jeu d'action mais il est trop répétitif. Les graphismes sont honorables et la sonorisation lassante, ce qui est rare sur SEGA.
DOSPower Play (Nov, 1989)
Endlich mal eine Umsetzung eines Actionspiels für PCs, die technisch gelungen ist. Das abwechslungsreiche Spielprinzip von “Action Fighter“ kann gefallen, und die Grafik ist sowohl unter CGA als auch EGA gut gezeichnet.
ZX SpectrumSinclair User (Dec, 1989)
Great first stage but lacking in lasting appeal.
Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Nov, 1989)
Den Atari-Freaks sei trotz angeführter Mängel zu diesem FIREBIRD-Produkt geraten, denn hinter ACTION FIGHTER verbirgt sich ein knallhartes Ballergame, das einen auf längere Zeit fordern dürfte.
Atari STPower Play (Aug, 1989)
Hier wurde kaum etwas ausgelassen, an dem Actionspieler Freude haben: Motorrad- und Autofahren, Gegner von der Straße schubsen und schießen sowie Luftkampf mit Extras und Supergegnern. Action Fighter verkommt zum Glück nicht zum ungenießbaren Programm-Eintopf. Es spielt sich rasant, bietet von Mission zu Mission ein paar neue Gegner und kann technisch überzeugen: Das sehr schnelle Scrolling und die sauber gezeichneten Sprites sind ansehnlich. Ein bißchen happig ist der Schwierigkeitsgrad - vor allem, wenn‘s in die Luft geht. Schon bei der ersten Mission drängen sich die Gegner förmlich auf dem Bildschirm. Wer nicht gerade ein Reaktions-Genie ist, braucht ein bißchen Glück, um ans Level-Ende zu kommen. Davon abgesehen ist Action Fighter ein feines Programm.
SEGA Master SystemThe Games Machine (UK) (Feb, 1988)
Action Fighter is not a demanding game, with its fairly basic graphics, limited appeal and simplistic gameplay, but it is enjoyable, reasonably addictive and provides a good few hours distraction.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Nov, 1989)
Although furious attempts have obviously been made to spruce the game up, it still plays pretty much like the other game. You may consider this to be no bad thing some reckon Hunter is an extremely addictive game. Not me though. I wouldn't say the graphics are much better than Hunter either. They're in monochrome for a start, and all the sprites are a bit on the small side. Humph. It's all right for a bit, I suppose, but Fighter's lasting appeal is definitely limited. I can't imagine anyone playing it for much more than, ooh, a very short time. I haven't played the arcade original, so for all I know this could be a very good conversion. There just isn't enough here to allow it to compete admirably in today's overcrowded market.
Atari STST Action (Oct, 1993)
The game overall is fast, so fast that it sometimes gets out of control. Well that's just like a real bike, isn't it? The graphics are nothing to write home about. It plays well, and it'd keep you occupied... ooh! ... for minutes! If I had eight quid, no way would I buy this.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Dec, 1989)
Action Fighter is fun and instantly playable but its outmoded gameplay and poor graphics mean that it doesn't hold your attention for long. Certainly there's enough to entertain for an hour or two but that just isn't enough lo warrant the price tag - at budget it would be fine. Only ardent Spy Hunter fans need apply.
SEGA Master SystemPlay Time (May, 1992)
Grafisch gesehen sammelt Action Fighter wegen des wirklich gut gemachten Scrollings eine ganze Menge Pluspunkte. Trotz höherer Geschwindigkeit verschwimmen die einzelnen Sprites nicht, noch fangen sie an zu flackern. Leider kann da der einfallslose Sound in keiner Beziehung mithalten. Die Steuerung ist zwar ziemlich einfach, aber man hat auch nur wenige Optionen zur Auswahl.
Commodore 64The Games Machine (UK) (Dec, 1989)
It's a similar story on the C64, though some ugly colour schemes are used and the 8-bit graphics are fairly blocky, sprites generally being almost square in design. Scrolling's good but sound is crude for the Commodore, and gameplay is a little easier than the STs.
SEGA Master SystemSega Does (Nov 07, 2014)
Take away the monotony and devious difficulty, and there’s a shell of a decent game in Action Fighter. But seriously, friends, Action Fighter is really hard. Given the amount of action the game levies at you, you’re in a constant state of anxiety and readiness. It’s good to be somewhat tense while playing a shmup, but the ridiculously long levels leave you feeling exhausted by the end. My recommendation: play with one of these codes, beat the game, then if you still have more fight left in ya, come back and try the game without a code. You’ll see whether or not that hair on your chest is legit.
Atari STAtari ST User (Jan, 1990)
Poor controls don't help give this game addictive quality, which is a pity because the many interesting features are out of the average player's reach. If you enjoy a strong challenge this could be worth taking a look at.
SEGA Master (Nov 19, 2009)
Action Fighter hat gute Ideen, wie das verwandelbare Fahrzeug und die Abwechslung zwischen Fahren und Fliegen, allerdings sind die Level einfach zu lang und zu öde. Hinzu kommen recht langweilige Endgegner. Schlecht ist das Spiel nun nicht, aber über den Durchschnitt kommt es einfach nicht hinaus.
SEGA Master SystemAll Game Guide (1998)
What is missing from this Spy Hunter look-alike is the roadway control. Rather than having the opportunity to do fantastic sideswipes and rams at a reasonable speed, the car loses too much control and flies to the sides of the road much too easily. With the deadly guardrails and frequently narrow lanes, you crash and burn too often, and the Sega van doesn't provide the cool road defense gear that made Spy Hunter so much fun. No oil slicks or smokescreens -- sorry. While not bad in itself, Action Fighter lacks many gameplay elements that made Spy Hunter much better. Couple this with fairly basic first-generation Sega Master System graphics and Action Hunter is left with a little more historical significance than the simple shooters of Sega's early days.
Commodore 64Computer and Video Games (CVG) (Dec, 1989)
Very disappointing when compared to the other attempts. Garish graphics, horrendous sound and wooden animation smother what could of been a fun Spy Hunter clone.
SEGA Master SystemSharkberg (Dec 14, 2015)
I still think it is a reasonably fun time for one or two runs, but beyond that it isn’t anything you’d be actively seeking out for your Master System collection. And that box art…I mean, all Master System games have that horrible grid paper thing going on, but a magnifying glass…looking…at a road? What the hell?!
SEGA Master SystemGame Freaks 365 (2000)
In conclusion, this really isn't a game you should make it a point to own unless you're a collector. Actually, that's not good enough, you should really only be a collector who insists upon having everything if you want this title because it's one of the blandest games I've ever played. It lacks everything even though it had it all there, right in front of it, to do something fun. It just didn't, and it's dismal.
Commodore 64Zzap! (Dec, 1989)
We're really beginning to scrape the barrel now in terms of coin-ops to convert (have you seen an Action Fighter coin-op around?). The 64 version is a fairly mediocre Spyhunter derivative with some neat cars, a great bike to car transformation scene and that's about all (sound is instantly forgettable). Anything that is worth merit on the C64 is lost on the Amiga game with graphics nowhere near an average Amiga standard, likewise sound effects and a far too tough skill level.
AmigaGamezone (Germany) (Jul 19, 2010)
Mit Action Fighter für den Amiga erhielt man wie so oft, einen eher unterdurchschnittlichen Port eines eigentlich ordentlichen Master System Titels. Unverständlicherweise wurden die Sprites viel größer gezeichnet, was den ohnehin schon kniffligen Schwierigkeitsgrad noch einmal richtig Auftrieb gab, der nette Soundtrack ignoriert und zu guter Letzt die schwammige Steuerung gleich mit in die Amiga Version übertragen. Eigentlich echt Schade, denn ähnlich wie solch Spiele wie Outrun, hätte auch Action Fighter durchaus Potenzial auf dem Amiga gehabt, sodass man abschließend nur eingefleischten Shoot'em Fans dazu raten kann, sich die Master System Version einmal anzuschauen. Denn die Grundidee, dem Spieler einen Mix aus Rennspiel und Shoot'em up mit insgesamt drei verschiedenen Vehikeln zu präsentieren, mit Sicherheit nicht die Schlechteste war.
AmigaZzap! (Dec, 1989)
Brilliant. The mean, laser-sharp contours of the artwork's car are really good. Of course, the artwork has been used for at least one game before, so no bonus points for that. Which is a pity since the sensible idea of doing an updated Spyhunter has otherwise been fairly disastrous. On both versions graphic and sonic presentation is banal, while playability is frustrating and unrewarding.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Dec, 1989)
Nur für geübte Masochisten und solche, die es werden wollen: Der interessanteste Teil beginnt, sobald man zum Flugzeug mutiert ist – eine derart schlechte Space Invaders-Variante gab es auf dem Amiga schon lange nicht mehr! Hinzuzufügen ist eigentlich nur noch, daß das hohe Niveau natürlich auch in puncto Sound, Grafik und, last but not least, Preis gnadenlos durchgezogen wird. Schade um Geld, Zeit und Mühe, wenn am Ende ein geistiger Tiefflieger wie Action Fighter dabei herauskommt!