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Action Force Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen.
Title screen.
The mission ahead.
Let's go.
Need to fill in the gaps.

Commodore 64 version

The title screen.
Lets save those documents.

ZX Spectrum version

hall of fame
starting the game
picking someone taking a shower
the jealous husband just tried to rocket me. damn these guys are nervous!
- can you please get out of the way sir? - you're stupid o'what? what's that heli apparatus for?
never knew aerial minesweeper existed... wow... always learning.
Ammo. Yes, that yellow fat bullet shaped thing at your right.
Predator practice.
You have to travel long ways to build a bridge using pontoons so that let A.W.E. Striker can continue moving.
Me diving in the canals after being moving more than 20 pontoons during the day.
Why don't we stop at Mrs. Francisca coffee shop?
- Keyword.
- C'mon Strikky...! You can do it! I believe Yaa! - I... I...
Loading screen.
Title screen.
Beginning level 2
I'm absolutely sure that coconut bar they told us it's this way.
Level 1.
Where's Snake Eyes? and Striker? and Kong? and Mokele-mbembe? and Dr. Livingstone? and... (POW PEZOW POW CALL NOW 123 AND RECEIVE TWO SPECIAL ACTION FORCE FIGURES!! NOW BUZOOW)
I'm positive this one was that girl's apartment...
Beginning level 3
This electricity field has to be destroyed:
Die you electricity! Die!
The place is magnetized, many UFO sights were seen here. They even say something about a crash on a Area something...
Darn... Forgot my pal...
- Hey, wazzup! - Hey. - Heey! - Yes?
The end of level 3.
Beginning level 4.
- I was sure it was here...
- Could you please be kind enough to continue moving the pontoons, Sir?
(snake eyes) - Just a moment... aa... just a few more seconds buddy! (Perhaps that yellow window...)
- (snake) Not again... I'm out. - (striker) It's "Eye of the Tiger"! - (mighty tank) No. - "In the Army Now" - No. - "Enola Gay" - No. - "Y.M.C.A"... (pause)
The end of this level is imminent. Bullets and fuel at your right.
starting level 5
Why am I thinking about Godzilla and King Kong, pardon, about Trolliza and Song Long?
- Hey shorty, you mechanicals? Need food for my fan. Me friend, nice. Good girls there you live?
- Was talking to that guy with a costume, really shorty with huge eyes, trying to ask him about gas. The bonzo just pointed to the sky saying something about phoning home. Gave your number.
entering level 6 - Look, I was being serious, the costume was really well done, like that mamma bigfoo... I'm talk'in to ... (Vrooom..!!)
Starting level 6
I wonder if Striker got mad with me...
(Eyes) - it's just a matter of some more few minutes. The shorty told me... (but he hasn't spoke...?) it's the usual on Sundays. We'll get to the beach believe me..
Starting level 7
(Eyes) - When was the last time you ate? (Striker) - 41 and 1/2 minutes ago. (Eyes) - I can't let you pass... (Striker) - It was just a candy bar! (Eyes) - No.
(Eyes) - Do you happen to have some toilet paper around there Strikky? (Striker) ... (Eyes) - Remember the last time I shot your car by accident?
starting level 8
Sooo... this was Frankensteinny hometown....
(So sensitive that Striker...)
(Eyes) - ...I mean... I, I don't I have the courage to... I mean... (Striker) - Bullocks mate, don't be a pansy, she's all in a volcanic turmoil... fa Chrizt's sake!
(Maced to Death soundtrack + Matrilkz slow motion sci-fi) (indistinguishable war cry)
(Eyes) Bedeh-bedeh-bed... and Th..That's a-all folks!! (Striker) - Who's daaa sucker now?? Muaaha.. Vroooom!!!
Game Over
I have a high score! I can't believe it!!! (Thumblepop) You DID IT!!