Advertising Blurbs

Back of Jewel Case - PlayStation (Belgium):
    Actua Soccer 3
    restitue à la perfection le meilleur du football. Vivez des actions du football. Vivez des actions à 100 à l'heure plus vraies que nature.
    • Plus de 450+ èquipes nationales et internationales
    • Plus de 10.000 joueurs à votre disposition
    • 25 championnats dans le monde entier
    • Des options pour personnaliser Coupes et Championnats
    • Un système interactif de commentaires et de rèactions du public
    • Créez votre équipe de superchampions grâce à l'editeur d'equipe
    • Un jeu d'un réalisme incroyable
    • Le systéme de capture de mouvements en 3D le plus réaliste jamais utillsé dans un jeu
    • Possibilité de choisir entre 3 vitesses de jeu
    Actua Soccer 3
    Une rapidité de jeu bientôt légendaire.

    Actua Soccer 3
    is een perfecte weergave van het edele voetbalspel, dankzij de combinatie van zeer hoge resolutie grafics en een verbluffend geluid.
    • Meer dan 450+ nationale en internationale teams
    • Keuze uit meer dan 10.000 nauwkeurig onderzochte spelers
    • 25 competities van over de hele wereld
    • Aanpasbare Cup- en Competitie-opties
    • Interactieve commentaarsystem en reacties van het publiek
    • Creëer je eigen Wereldkampionen met de optie team editor
    • Ongelofelijk realistische gameplay
    • Het meest realistische 3D motion capture-systeem dat ooit in een computerspel is gebruikt
    Actua Soccer 3
    Een trap onder de kont van alle andere voetbalspellen.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (213279) on Mar 16, 2010.

Privat Computer PC Magazine (November, 1998):

    Actua Soccer 3 til PC og PlayStation giver dig den bedste fodbold simulation til dato. Fra det første kick off til det sidste fløjt gengiver spillet den mest virkelighedstro atmosfære. Medbringende ny og forbedret >>controlling<<, actionsekvenser, kommentator og lydeffekter er Actua Soccer 3 det hurtigste og mest autentiske forboldspil du kan købe.

    >>Spillets grafik og indhold er ligeså imponerende som dets hastighed og det er en formidabel kombination<< - PC Gamer

    >>Actua Soccer 3 er toppen af sportsspillenes kransekage. Det bliver bare bedre og bedre...<< - PlayStation Pro

    • Over 450 forskellige hold fra hele verden

    • Over 10.000 spillere

    • Cup, liga og venskabskamp

    • Det mest realistiske 3D >>motion captured<< system.

    • Mulighed for selv at lave dine egne turneringer

    • Spillere kan skades på flere måder

    • Forbedret kunstig intelligens

    >>Det bedste Actua spil til dato<< - Official PlayStation Magazine

    Contributed by Apogee IV (2331) on Jan 14, 2007.

Back of Case - RePlay UK budget release:

    Actua Soccer 3

    perfectly recreates the beautiful games of soccer by combining high definition graphics and stunning audio

    Over 450+ national and International teams - Over 10,000 accurately researched players to choose from 25 leagues from around the world - Customizable Cup and League options - Interactive crowd and commentary system - Create your own World beaters using the team editor option - Unbelievably realistic gameplay - The most realistic 3D motion capture system used within any computer game

    Actua Soccer 3 it just kicks other soccer games into touch

    Commentary by Martin O'Neill Barry Davies

    Contributed by Luis Silva (13612) on Jan 26, 2006.
    Actua Soccer 3 comes to PlayStation with a huge array of enhancements over its predecessors. If you've been dismayed by the quality of defending in this season's football, then Actua Soccer 3 will give you a solid back four to launch counter-attacks from. With significant improvements to the AI, the players now have a much greater awareness of what's going on around them, as well as improved positional sense which should make for free-flowing football . . . that's as long as they don't decide to play the offside trap.

    The graphics are impressive too. With over 50 different player heads, 200 motion captures and 30 of the world's most famous stadia (including Wembley, Nou Camp, the Amsterdam ArenA and Old Trafford), Actua Soccer 3 is graphically one of the richest and deepest football games ever. In addition, there are over 450 teams from all over the world, and some special and custom teams.

    For the free-kick specialists, you can perfect your technique on both set pieces and penalties without the tension of a real-match situation. The question is: come Saturday afternoon, will you be able to bend the ball around a four-man wall in your away strip?

    Contributed by Xoleras (66798) on Nov 02, 2004.