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Admiral Graf Spee Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Instructions (I)
Instructions (II)
The Altmark, your supply ship.
Patrolling the South Atlantic.
Our torpedoes miss the ship!
Sunk an enemy ship.
Oops. I went too close to land and the ship was damaged beyond repair. One of the possible endings.

Commodore 64 version

Instructions cont
Supply ship Altmark
South Atlantic - battle map game start
Enemy target just beyond horizon
Almost in range
In range starting broadside attack
Target starting to evade
Torpedoes in the water!
Torpedoes hit!
Target sinking
Victory for the Graf Spee

ZX81 version

Your situation.
Your status update.
The Atlantic Ocean.
Sailing off the coast of South America.

ZX Spectrum version

Loader 1
Loader 2
Supply ship Altmark
Game start - South Atlantic battle map
Course plot
Moving in range of target - smoke trail just over horizon
Still just out of range - shot splashes close to our ship
In range full broadside
Graf Spee is hit! (inverse colors)
Our damage is at 72%
Graf Spee is sunk!