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Advertising Blurbs - Wii U (US):

    The Black Hole Army comes storming back.

    The Black Hole Army comes storming back in this worthy successor to an award-winning strategy game. Rain destruction upon their foul legions by ordering your troops effectively and overpowering your enemies with new Super Commanding Officer Powers. Then, see how your tactics stack up to your friends’ in 4-player battles—all with one Wii U™.

    Take control of more units and battle on more maps than even the original Advance Wars had to offer. More terrain means more options, and more options means crazier creations. So employ every feature of the robust map designer to craft punishing maps, and then challenge the CPU or your friends on the battlefield. After a few battles, take your hard-earned points to the Battlemaps shop to purchase new maps, challenges, and Commanding Officers.

    Contributed by Harmony♡ (20625) on Jul 22, 2016.

Comic book ad:

    Roll out the heavy artillery.

    Mobilize your ground force over all-new terrain, mount a massive aerial assault against new enemies and coordinate a campaign designed to shock your enemy. You are the commanding officer. Let the relentless bombardment begin.

    Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (62119) on Jul 09, 2012.

Back of Box - Game Boy Advance (Germany):
    Rally the troops! With new COs under his command, Sturm is leading the Black Hole Army for another invasion! In this sequel to the award-winning Game Boy Advance turn-based strategy game, you'll use new weapons and features such as Super CO Powers to defeat your enemies. Create your battle maps with the map designer and trade with your friends or challenge them to an avance war in one of the multiplayer modes (Single or Multi-Pak).

    Alarm! Sturm rückt mit seiner Black Hole-Armee an! Neue, knallharte Kommandanten unterstehen seinem Befehl! Außerdem bietet der zweite Teil des preisgekrönten, rundenbasierten Strategiespiels für den Game Boy Advance knifflige Missionen, mächtige Waffe und neue Ko.-Gaben! Entwirf selbst Karten und tausche sie mit Freunden oder fordere sie zu einem Advance War in einem der Mehrspieler-Modi (Ein- oder Multi-Modul-Spiel) heraus.

    Pas de quartier ! A la tête d´une nouvelle armée, Sturm mène l´invasion des généraux de Black Hole ! Contrôlez de nouvelles unités et utilisez les super puvoirs des généraux dans cette suite du jeu de stratégie au tour le plus primé sur Game Boy Advance. Créez vos propres champs de bataille et étchangez-les avec vos amis ou lancez-leur des défis en mode mutlijoueur (avec une ou plusieurs cartouches).

    Verzamel de troepen! Met nieuwe commandanten onder zijn bevel, leidt Sturm zijn leger naar een nieuwe invasie! Dit vervolg op het prijswinnende strategiespel voor de Game Boy Advance, is voorzien van nieuwe mogelijkheden, zoals de Super CO Powers, om je vijanden te verslaan. Creëer je eigen slagvelden en ruil met je vrienden, of daag ze uit voor een Advance War in één van de multiplayer-standen (met één of meer spelcassettes).

    iReúne a tus tropas! Con nuevos oficiales bajo su mando, Sturm planea ptra invasión al frente del ejército de Black Hole. Esta vez podrás usar nuevas unidades y los increibles Súper Poderes de OJ para derrotar a tus enemigos. Crea tus mapas de batalla con el editor de mapas e intercámbialos con tus amigos. O rétales a un buen combate en cualquiera de los modos multijugador (multicartucho o un solo cartucho).

    Truppe, adunata! Sturm, a capo delle forze di Black Hole, è pronto per un'altra invasione! In questa nuova versione del premiate gioco strategico per Game Boy Advance, avrai a disposizione nuove unità e strategie per sbaragliare il nemico, come le Virtù Speciali. Crea nuove mappe di battaglia nella Sala Frafica e scambiale con i tuoi amici o sfidali nelle modalità per più giocatori (con una più cassette di gioco).

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (242930) on Mar 30, 2010.

Back of Box - Game Boy Advance (United States):

    Rally the troops!

    Just when you thought you'd seen the last of them, the Black Hole Army is storming back in this sequel to the award-winning Game Boy Advance strategy game. With new COs under his command, Sturm is leading a new invasion force, and it'll take advance strategy to stop him!

    • New COs and CO Powers! Fight against a host of Black Hole Army COs, and use new Super CO Powers, like Typhoon and Max Blast, to rain destruction upon your enemy.
    • New units and terrain features! Command the massive neotank and take control of missile silos to launch devastating attacks from afar. Use the new features in the map designer to create even more challenging maps.
    • Battle your friends! Single- and Multi-Pak multiplayer (Multi-Pak games require one Game Pak per player) modes bring you head-to-head against your friends. Create your own battle maps, then trade with your friends or challenge them to a war of advance proportions!

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (242930) on Mar 30, 2010.

"YOUR JOURNEY IS JUST BEGINNING..." promotional booklet:
    the black hole army has some friends who want to meet you!

    Just when you thought you'd seen the last of them, the Black Hole Army has come slithering back into Cosmo Land. Their sinister leader, Sturm, has infiltrated the hearts of your homelands, and he's got an ingenious plan to fund his new army. He's run a massive pipeline from his base of operations into all the continents of Wars World, and he's draining your resources to fuel his war machines! He's dispatched his new COs, Adder, Lash, Flak, and Hawke, to crush the armies of Orange Star, Yellow Comet, Blue Moon, and Green Earth. It's up to you to unite the armies of Wars World and guide them into their final confrontation with the forces of the Black Hole Army.

    • New, massive neotanks provide your armies with insane firepower. These juggernauts of destruction plow through any opposition, but you can't build them until you discover the blueprints.
    • Using the indestructible new pipeline, you can create maps that force a conflict right where you want, resulting in even more climactic multiplayer battles.
    • Silos fire a single missile anywhere on the map, but they are neutral properties. If you hope to claim the advantage, you'll waste no time in rushing your foot soldiers onto the silo.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4671) on Oct 26, 2005.
    An Advanced Army is at Your Command!

    Advance Wars 2, the sequel to the AIAS 2001 Handheld Game of the Year, expands on the original title with even more strategic action and all-new features that take the game to the next level. Sturm, the leader of the Black Hole Army, has created a new base of operations, and now he's set his sights on Cosmo Land. It's up to you to unite the armies of Cosmo Land and work with your allies to drive off the otherworldly invaders. The turn-based strategy action of Advance Wars 2 will put your brain to the test in the ultimate battle of good versus evil!

  • Encounter new Commanding Officers and feel the effects of their devastating CO Powers. Use all-new Super CO Powers like Typhoon and Airborne Assault to rain destruction upon your enemy.
  • Master the command of new units like the massively powerful Neotank as you tackle new terrain features and devise original battle strategies.
  • Test your strategic skill against your friends with either Single- or Multi-Pak multiplayer modes.
  • Use the customizable Map Editor to create the most complex and challenging battle maps ever, then trade them with a friend!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66684) on Dec 21, 2004.