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Advanced Destroyer Simulator Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
Your ship
Map screen
On a bridge
Using binoculars
Your cannons have been destroyed
Damage report
Arriving at port
Firing at enemy ship
Collision at full speed

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Main menu
This is your ship
A map. The red rectangle shows the mission area
In port
Ship ahead
Crashed into a ship
Firing cannons at enemy ship
A direct hit
Enemy ship is sinking
Mission complete

DOS version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Our ship, the destroyer H.M.S. Onslaught.
Mission briefing. In this assignment in the English Channel, we have to pursue and sink a German convoy.
Leaving the port.
The binocular view shows an enemy transport approaching.
Torpedoes away!
A direct torpedo hit. The transport is burning.
German destroyer approaching! The splash shows it’s firing at us.
Fierce cannon battle at close distance. The destroyer is burning.
Cannon battle with simultaneous hits.
A direct hit destroyed one of our cannons. All that’s left is glass shards.
Quick glance at the damage report: two cannons down, radio disrupted, fire on board.
We sink the burning destroyer with torpedoes.
Close to land bases, Stuka fighters may attack. We must hit them with the cannon.
In the North Sea scenario, most missions lead into the tight fjords.
Navigating the fjords. We have to avoid the coasts and keep an eye on the depth gauge.
Title screen (CGA)
The briefing for our first North Sea mission (CGA)
Leaving the naval base. (CGA)
Taking a look at the damage report. (CGA)
I'm going to attack these transport ships with the cannons. (CGA)
Title screen (EGA)
Enemy ship in sight! (EGA)
Scored a hit with one of my torpedoes. (EGA)
Firing with the cannons, the enemy ship is already burning. (EGA)
The binocular view (EGA)
Taking a look at the map. (EGA)