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SEGA Saturn version

Title screen
Yuka looks... determined
Can't we just... you know... get along?..
Introducing the characters: the obligatory "mature woman"...
...the equally obligatory "intellectual woman"...
...and the even more obligatory "little spoiled annoying brat who is nevertheless seen as a sex object by the Japanese"
What do you want? Go clean the floor :)
Vs mode. Selecting the players
Ouch, that was mean...
Don't worry about the skirt, girl. It's just a DEMO!
"Normal" mode
The confrontation...
The bunny is about to strike! :)
Funny loading screen
Chiho cries in pain as the little treacherous Manami kicks her
Note the hanging monkeys :)
Jun defeats Yuka. Ouch. That must hurt...
The story mode begins with this cut scene

SNES version

Title screen
Clash of power
All characters
Character select
Fight starts
Low kick
After fight
Second battle
Catch her
Get over here!
Yet another fight prologue
I must tell you something
Breast attack!
Ninja's throw
vertical leg drill
She is fast

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Config screen
Character select screen
Short dialogue... show her, Yuka!..
Getting started...
I won, I won! Hehe!..
Vs. mode menu
Now, girls, behave well. Look at those nice backgrounds
What are you laughing at?!..
So you're adjusting your clothes before the fight, eh?..
...well, let me adjust them for you, you cheap bimbo!!..
Underage girl. Bunny ears. Is it me, or is there some stereotypical thinking here?..
The little girl is colle for the attack
"Intellectual girl" vs. "mature girl". Stereotype? No?..
They look rather calm...
...but not here!... Ouch... that must've hurt...
This looks... a bit inappropriately erotic..
...and so does this
Yuka misses the special attack...
Insane acrobatics
Let's stop monkeying around, shall we?..
The intro to the story mode
Yuka is training
The way to fame...
All the girls together
A chapter begins
Violence doesn't solve anything...
...except sometimes it does :)
Oh no, I lost...

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