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Adventure 1 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Starting location
I went into the building

Commodore 16, Plus/4 version

Start of your adventure
Inside the building

Commodore 64 version

The start of the game
There's a building so, naturally, the player enters
In another part of the cavern
Finding more rooms and getting more treasure
The room descriptions are very detailed
Leaving the game is easy, just type QUIT. EXIT may just take you out of the building, (it did when I used it but it mat be a location dependent action)
On quitting the game gives a score - its zero here because no treasure was deposited in the well house - and optionally starts a new game
The INFO command shows the help screen. This is all the help the player gets

MSX version

Starting location
I entered the building (headed east)
I took various things
I headed west

ZX Spectrum version

The start of the game
The INFO command is all the help the player gets
Inside the well house, there's some stuff here - just what an adventurer needs to get started
Exploring and crawling through the caves. The descriptions are detailed and very helpful
My first encounter with a dwarf. The psycho threw an axe at me!
This scene shows a limitation / facet of the game. The player cannot carry an indefinite number of items. Something must be dropped in order that the silver bars can be picked up
Back at the well house. The treasure has been dropped an that means a score has actually been registered
having got a score it seems like a good time to save the game. This is done with the SAVE command. The player is prompted for a file name and the game then saves to the cassette