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Fidonews, Page 2, 3 Nov 1986:
         Date: October 23, 1986

    WINNER OF ADVENTURE GAME CONTEST ANNOUNCED ------------------------------------------

    Douglas Asherman, of Oakland, California, has won the first Official GAGS Game Contest, sponsored by Mark J. Welch, author of the Generic Adventure Game System*. Asherman's game is called "Alice," and is patterned after the character invented by Lewis Carroll in the book "Alice in Wonderland."

    The contest, which began May 24 and ended September 30, 1986, offered a $100 prize to the author of the best text adventure game written using GAGS, which is an adventure-game development system MS-DOS computers. The winning game will also be included with each copy of GAGS distributed from October 1986 to October 1987. GAGS is distributed as Shareware, so users can copy it without charge, paying $15 for registration if they enjoy it.

    Asherman's game allows a player to play the role of Alice as she goes through the Looking-Glass, and to meet many of the same characters described in Carroll's book. Asherman also adds some humorous 20th-century perspective to the 19th- century character.

    The contest generated nationwide publicity and interest, Welch said. "The main purpose of the contest was to encourage people to share the games they'd written using GAGS," Welch said. "A lot of people had started games, spending quite a few hours on them, but stopped before they'd really finished them, or before they'd really made them playable."

    As one result of the contest publicity, Welch learned that several computer bulletin boards have made GAGS available for callers to play on-line.

    "I was surprised at first, since anyone can download GAGS and play it on any MS-DOS computer, even systems that aren't IBM-compatible," Welch said. "Then I realized that other computer owners can't use it. If you've got a Commodore or an Apple, the only way you can play GAGS right now is to call a bulletin board. I hope some of these BBSs will allow callers to play 'Alice' now, since it's much more enjoyable than the sample game I've been distributing with GAGS."

    Welch said he has not yet decided whether to sponsor a second game contest.

    Although GAGS currently works only on computers that use the MS-DOS operating system (including the IBM PC and compatibles as well as non-compatibles), Welch hopes to release a version for the Apple Macintosh this winter. "I'm just waiting for Borland to release its Turbo Pascal compiler for the Macintosh," Welch said.

    Welch sells GAGS on disk for $10. Registration is $15 more. Registered users can also buy the complete GAGS source code for $25, Welch said, if they wish to add features to the program.

    * GAGS and Generic Adventure Game System are trademarks of Mark J. Welch.

    For more info, contact:

    Mark J. Welch P.O. Box 2409 San Francisco, CA 94126 Voice phone: 415-845-2430 [Berkeley] Fido 161/459 BIX: 'mwelch'

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