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Versatile action game set against a Louisiana backdrop NES Multimedia Mike (19762)

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NESVideoGame (Jun, 1991)
O Herói Bayou Billy deve resgatar Anabelle, sequestrada pelo terrível facínora Gordon e seus capangas. Além das armas que recolhe pelo caminho - chicote, bastão e faca, entre outras - Billy pode dar eficientes "voadoras".
NESPlay Time (Apr, 1992)
Grafik und Sound sind von ausgezeichneter Qualität. Die Sprites sind besonders schön animiert, das Scrolling ist sauber und auch die Hintergrundgrafiken können sich sehen lassen. Die Musikstücke sind einfallsreich komponiert worden und bei den Soundeffekten sticht vor allem die Sprachausgabe heraus.
NESNES Player (Mar 03, 2002)
Bayou Billy really could have been a great game if Konami had spent a little more time on it. Don't get me wrong, Bayou Billy is a decent game, but it's kind of like a hangover that just won't go away. Maybe taking Advil before you play the game could clear up some painful memories that you would soon experience.
NESGame Freaks 365 (2006)
The Adventures of Bayou Billy is an all around disappointing title because they've ruined great graphics and sound with some of the most tedious gameplay I've ever seen. It's amazing that pretty much 80% of this is due to only two levels, but trust me, you'll be hating it when you play them. Konami needed to tweak this a bit for gamers because I can't see anyone at that time actually completing it since the majority of the audience would have been around 10-12 years old. I've played games for years, but I only just beat this after much hardship and practice, neither of which were redeeming. The memories of playing it seemed good at first, but then I remembered, my friends and I never really made it past the first few levels until we cheated. Play, and you'll find out why.
NESRetro Game Reviews (Oct 11, 2015)
The Adventures of Bayou Billy has some of the best light-gun action on the NES, fun driving elements but some of the most dreadful beat-em-up stages I've ever played. Unfortunately these take up most of the game's length and their sheer difficulty means that most people probably won't stick around to see what else it has to offer.
NESJust Games Retro (Jun 28, 2014)
Overall, The Adventures of Bayou Billy seems like an ambitious little project. The combination of driving, shooting, and fistfighting make it seem a bit closer to the action movie vibe that beat-’em-ups were going for, and they’re implemented about as well as you could hope for, given the time and the hardware.
NESThe Video Game Critic (Jun 11, 2001)
In addition to fighting, there are car-driving stages that let you blast oncoming traffic and shoot down helicopters. The pseudo-3D graphics are unimpressive, but it does provide a nice change of pace. Finally, there are a few light-gun stages with bad guys that are hard to miss. In case you can't stomach the fighting stages, the driving and shooting games are immediately available under the practice menu. Bayou Billy is certainly an ambitious title, but despite its strong graphics and sound, this falls squarely into average territory.
NESPower Play (Jan, 1991)
Der Actionmix aus drei verschiedenen Spieletypen ist so ziemlich in die Hose gegangen. Der Schmalspur-Indy kann in keiner Etappe seines öden Abenteuers überzeugen: Dreimal Durchschnitt bleibt halt Durchschnitt. Im Vergleich zu den anderen prima Konami-Neuheiten (man erinnere sich an das fantastische "Probotector") fällt Bayou Billy deutlich ab. Grafik und Musik passen sich dem Niveau des Spieles an und pendeln sich auf "gerade-noch-Mittelmaß" ein.
The scrolling, polished first-person shooter stages have you take out enemy gunman and helicopters (with optional Zapper support) while shooting icons for more ammo and health. The driving and shooting stages fare a bit better, but unfortunately these are just respites between the overly frustrating fighting stages.
25 (Jan, 2011)
Being drunk might be the only way to make it through this game. You begin as Bayou Billy, out to save his girlfriend from an evil perverted fat guy. Upon first inspection, it plays like a standard beat-em-up. Punch, kick, it’s all in the mind, until you realize it literally takes eight hits to kill one dude. Eight hits! The collision detection is shot to all hell, too. Despite the fact that you’re standing right in front of a thug, you may or may not hit them. From my couple playthroughs, the only way playing this beat-em-up part of the game is tolerable, is if you have a stick with some reach to it, or bullets for your gun. If you have to get all close to the thugs, you’re dead, like so many shrimps on a barbie… wow, that was bad. My apologies, folks.
NESHonestGamers (Jan 19, 2008)
Of course the Japanese version is still too much of a bland, extremely limited beat ‘em up to be a lost classic or anything; it just starts to resemble an actual game instead of a portable torture device when you can go toe-to-toe against a lone goon without collapsing in a heap or exploding into a fiery ball of misery every three seconds. Take my advice, N-man – forget about Annabelle and concentrate on wooing Princess Lana away from the well-tanned clutches of Simon Belmont. That swamp hussy just ain’t worth it.