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Back of Box - NES (US):
    Captain Comic The Adventure

    "Colorful and well thought-out arcade style game" - Game Player's evaluation of Captain Comic's PC version

    They have been stolen - the legendary treasures of Osmic - and hidden somewhere in the eight deceptively beautiful and mystical lands of Tambi and its moon. You must find the tools to overcome treacherous obstacles in your quest. This is no laughing matter! Yet, you must be lighthearted and quite out of your mind to take this job. Insane ravens, blood-sucking bats, spinning wraiths, and living electrical masses have been reported on a ruined planet still beautiful beyond relief. Only you, Captain Comic, armed with nothing but your sense of humor and easy going character can survive all that lies ahead. You can't lose your cool and must keep on your toes across the broken bridges of LAKE SIRI, the TABIAN MOON, the ROCKY FOREST, the CAVE OF BLIND TOADS, the KILLER BEE SHED, and the HAUNTED CASTLE. You were destined to take on this adventure. The planet of Osmic waits to hear your victory laugh!

    "A clever combination of fantasy and puzzle solving"
    "Once you try Captain Comic you will be addicted" - PC Resource's evaluations of Captain Comic's PC version
    "This is one experience you really won't want to miss" - Computing Now!

    Contributed by Sciere (520504) on Feb 12, 2005.