The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Language options
Game Title
Main menu
Options screen
Password screen
The professor is missing!
End screen
Game over

SNES version

Copyright notice
Language selection screen
Main menu
Options menu
The story is told on comic-like pictures.
The story starts off in a museum.
A ball lightning - better seek cover
Canooing through the jungle.
Pick up this little branch, you will need it later.
Hergé loved cars.
Driving in a rainy night.
You have to find tools to repair the crane.
On the ship you have to find Professor Calculus.
Getting off the ship.
A train ride in the Andes
Beware of spitting lamas!
Don't get caught by the avalanche.
The password screen
Hit the snake before it bites you!
If you see this screen, you were too slow.