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iTunes Store Description:
    Race an "aero" (with realistic lift and drag physics) through a maze of animated, geometric peril. The aero actually uses some of the same lift and drag equations from SimplePlanes, so if you're not careful and you lose your airspeed, you can stall it out!


    + Simple controls. Easy to learn, difficult to master (all games say this, so it must be important) + Stylish and colorful visual design + Dynamic and exciting physics-based gameplay + Fifty handcrafted levels split over five stages (this was actually the hardest part of development) + Record and share gameplay videos with Everyplay integration (this was actually really easy to implement - like 3-4 days, tops) + Compete with your friends and anyone across the world with Game Center leaderboards and achievements

    Contributed by Sciere (510851) on Jul 27, 2017.