Aero Fighters Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Game starts
Special power
Enemy squadron
Enemy base
Simple briefing
Nice location
Enemy fortress
Big helicopte

SNES version

Aero Fighters title screen
Sonic Wings title screen
Intro credits part 1
Intro credits part 2
Intro credits part 3
Options menu
Player select
Powerups flash red in this version
First boss defeated
Level 2 begins majestically
The boss of level 2 is a boat
Currency symbols give you points
It appears that the boss of level 3 is easy...
Perhaps we underestimated it
Game over
Be careful with hidden enemies...
Destroy all enemies to collect power ups
The 1st boss
Good for you!
Destroy everything as fast you can
The 2nd boss
Thank you
The 3rd boss
Look at the size of this thing
But it's not too hard to destroy
Yeah, well...
The 4th stage
Catch power-ups
Game over
Like a bullet hell