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Back of Jewel Case - Mac/Win/Win 3.x (United States):
    Take an adventure through Africa's history,
    geography, and culture as you challenge the actual 12,000-mile world-record setting bike trek. Make critical decisions as you plan and execute your trip. Choose your team members, supplies and equipment. Learn to use many maps and keep a travel log as you go. With road-rally action, bike repairs and tests of endurance, there's never a shortage of fun.

    • Strengthen decision-making, problem-solving and planning skills
    • Learn about the people, cultures and many countries of Africa
    • Includes over 1,000 photos and video clips from the actual bike trek
    • Contains detailed maps and a guide book of entries from the trek leader's journal
    • Includes authentic music score and sound effects

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (210512) on Jun 01, 2010.