After Burner II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Two enemies destroyed.
Enemy fighter shot down!
Two missiles on our 6!
We are hit!
On the runway

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title screen
Options screen
Starting out
Stage 1
Going down!
Stage 2
Highscore list

Arcade version

How to play
Title screen
Fast death
Over sea
Big explosion
Reload weapons
Target acquired

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Title screen
Arcade-style title screen
Retfa Renrub?
Stage 1 takes place above the ocean
Blown to smithereens
Evasive action
Another enemy wave from behind
Let's shoot some trees
A long missile streak
Game over

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Press fire to play
Launching from the carrier
Level 1
I've been hit!
Finished level 1
Incoming missile from behind in level 2
Level 3

DOS version

Title screen
Intro of pilot
Intro of plane
Hi-score table
Taking off from the aircraft carrier
Stage 1 - Barrel roll
Stage 1 - Dog-fighting
Stage 3 - Night, refuel and reload
Stage 4 - Incoming enemies
Stage 8 - Shoot and avoid the gun turrets
Game Over - Crash and burn
Title screen. (CGA)
Loading the game. (CGA)
On the flight deck. (CGA)
Pilot (EGA)
Gameplay (EGA)
Got Hit! (EGA)
Game over! (EGA)
High Scores (EGA)
Credit (EGA)
Plane (CGA)
High Score (CGA)
Credit (CGA)

FM Towns version

Title screen
Demo gameplay
Very short intro
Main menu
The aircraft is deployed
Flying over the sea
Oh no...
Violent confrontation over an island
Flying over a town
Damn it...

Genesis version

Title Screen.
Part of the game's demo.
Press Start! Play me!
Launching from the carrier...
Cannon fodder :)
Missile locked on target.
Skidding across the water...
And blowing up in the air!
Avoid enemy, who attacked from your back
Giant rocks
Trucks to destroy
Enemies are visible - but rocket not traced their planes yet
Fight in clouds
Little forest
Radar towers
This rocket is quite big
Night operation
Avoid enemies rocket - now, is pretty hard

MSX version

Title screen
Options screen
Ready for take off
Search for enemy planes
One down!
Air fueling before stage 3
Undergoing service before stage 5
Stage 6 in all its monochrome glory
A colourful explosion in stage 8
Shot down in stage 9
Serious dogfighting in stage 10
A roll in stage 11
Stage 17 is quite a labyrinth
Yellow sky, blue ground
Near the end, at stage 21
Back home on the carrier
Mission complete
That's your F14
That's you
There's the crew
High score
Release info

NES version

Title screen
Taking off from the carrier
Flying upside down (actually, about to crash)
Air combat!
Trying madly to shoot something ...
... before being shot down.

SEGA 32X version

Title screen
Stage 1
Stage 2
We have been hit !
Enemy locked !
Hard action !
Game Over !

Sharp X68000 version

Loading screen
Default high scores
Configuration screen
First stage
Stage 2
Reloading weapons
Continue screen
Getting ready for stage 6

TurboGrafx-16 version

In the 3D Room, you can change the appearance of the 'II' symbol
Taking off
Stage 1
Locked on a target
Tilting to the left
Tilting to the right
Shot down
Stage 2
Other fighter jets lending you a hand
Reloading weapons
Stage 4
If I lived in these houses, I'll be lucky
Stage 5
Stage 6
Exploded in mid-air
Stage 7
Stage 8
Must be a watch tower down below
Game Over
No medals for me

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title screen
Taking off from the aircraft carrier
The spectrum version doesn't allow you to fire the cannon as it fires constantly so you just need to point the plane at the enemy
When hit you go down in a plume of smoke
Level 2 is a bit more sunny than before
When you have a lock on you can fore a missile at that enemy and it will follow it until it hits it
This big plane rearms your missiles
Level 3 is set in the desert at night
Game over

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  • After Burner II Screenshot
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  • After Burner II Screenshot
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  • After Burner II Screenshot
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  • After Burner II Screenshot
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  • After Burner II Screenshot
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