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Again Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

User Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

Main menu.
Options screen.
The game is afoot.
Visiting the place where infamous serial killings started 19 years ago.
Movement tutorial.
Found a bloody wrench.
Using key from the inventory to open the bathroom door.
Main character seems to possess special ability to see the past crimes.
Crime scene tutorial.
Touching items that are of no relevance to the past will deplete your gauge, which once fully depleted results in game over.
Adjust the curtain to appear as in the past.
Each crime scene contains several key elements that need to be found in order to see the events that transpired.
TV series-like character introduction.
After the prologue, game opens like a TV show.
Jonathan isn't happy he had to come to work on his day off.
City map.
From time to time, detective monologues kick in, which are scarce at best.
Character info appears when you meet a new character for the first time.
J's mind seems like it's gonna explode... his supernatural ability is just waking up.
Your partner seems concerned about your well being.
In the hospital.
Another murder has occurred, no time to rest in the hospital bed anymore.
You can check items in your inventory or present them during conversation.
Talking to your boss.
As new conversation topics become available, you'll be able to inquire certain characters about them.
Driving to Libertine hotel.
Arriving at the present crime scene.
Meeting your old friend, Hugo, the reporter.
Detective Martinez doesn't look happy with FBI barging in on his crime scene.
Calling your friend to see if he found out something about the case, but alas, he is not picking up.

Official Screenshots

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  • Again Screenshot
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  • Again Screenshot
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  • Again Screenshot
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