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Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome Credits

76 people

Ensemble Studios

DesignSandy Petersen
Lead ProgrammingTimothy A. Deen
ProgrammingPaul D. Bettner, Angelo Laudon, Dave Pottinger, Matt Pritchard
Art LeadScott Winsett
ArtHerb Ellwood, Duncan McKissick, Thonny S. Namuonglo, Duane Santos
SoundChris Rippy
MusicDavid Rippy, Stephen Rippy
AdministrationNellie Sherman
BusinessBrian Moon, Bob Wallace
ProductionTony Allen Goodman, Harter Ryan, Brian Sullivan
ScenariosChris Rippy, Bruce Campbell Shelley, Greg Street
Quality Assurance and PlaytestingChris Campbell, John C. Evanson, Ian M. Fischer, Don Gagen, Mario Grimani, David Lewis, Chea O'Neill, Trey Taylor, Mark Terrano, Chris M. Van Doren, Sean Wolff
Web SupportMichael D. McCart


Program ManagementIan Buck, Tim Znamenacek
Product PlannerEdward Ventura
Product ManagerChris DiCesare
Technical Support LeadSteven Kastner
Test LeadsJames Evans, Mark Thomas
TestersLuis Barriga, Jason Brown, Carl Bystrom, Francis Crick, Jeremy Hill, Andy Kriger, James Mayo, Josie Nutter, Eric Spunaugle, Recon Test Team
Hardware Configuration TeamPaul H. Gradwohl, Harold Ryan
Playtest TeamDarin Boe, Robert Howg, Juan Lee-Pang, Paul Skavland
Japanese Localization TesterChris Ganje
Beta CoordinatorMatt Alderman
User Education WriterKelly Bell
Historical Text WriterBruce Campbell Shelley
EditorAmy Robison
Setup Art DesignerConnie Braat
Print DesignerJoAnne Williams
Localization ManagersPeter Connelly, Paul Delany, Laurence Krzemien-Smith, Yuko Yoshida
Setup DevelopmentRich Eizenhoefer, Chris Haddan
Art DirectorDouglas Herring
LegalJeff Koontz
ManagementJo Tyo, Stuart Moulder, Alan Hartman, Edward Ventura, Matt Gradwohl, Craig Henry

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Credits for this game were contributed by Zovni (10633) and Wizo (29533)