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Steam Store Description:
    Grey Top Mountain, a place only the bravest adventurers dare to tread. Snaking paths, tumbling boulders and treacherous cliffs make the dizzying climb anything but a Sunday stroll, yet all the best risks come with the promise of great rewards...

    Should any adventurers reach the peak of Grey Top Mountain, they'd be standing at the enchanted double doors of a long abandoned mage's tower. Rumours fly of a legendary artifact hidden within, the most valued possession of the former Elementalist who called the spire home.

    Many treasure seekers have tried their luck but none have returned down the mountain alive, let alone with the infamous artifact in hand.

    Will you take this challenge and be the first heroes to reclaim the Elementalist's prize?


    • Summon and command powerful Elementals to support or even completely replace your army
    • A powerful artifact - the Elementalist Staff, given at the end of this campaign
    • 6 new battles and duels with the Guardians of the Tower
    • 2 new battle music themes
    • New enemies - Gargoyles and Clockwork Hydras

    Contributed by jaXen (221637) on Feb 09, 2018.