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A.G.E. Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro - Huge ship
Intro - A vessel ship carrying the player's ship
Intro - Vessel ship descending towards the planet
Title screen
Your ship interior
Main game interface
On-line help
Tutorial start
Tutorial - Vessel depositing ship
Tutorial - The ship's computer gives you instructions all through this tutorial
Your first weapon, laser beams.
First enemy - A jellyfish that is about to... fried by the ship's laser!
The medic unit restores the ship's condition
Talking with a salesperson showing his/hers/its wares
Speaking with a passer-by
Being attacked by a shark-lion
That pyramid-shaped object is the guide. It's guiding the ship over a lake.
Ammunition station

Atari ST version

Title screen
From the intro
Main menu
Flying over the city
An item to collect
Aiming at an enemy
Repairing my ship
A direct hit
Friend or foe?
In-game menu
Looking around with a scout probe
External view

DOS version

Select program mode
Introduction: a swank 3D rendered ship flies out of a nifty hand-drawn sprite capitol ship
Title screen
Main game interface