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    Introducing the new Air Control

    Air Control is a new-gen aviasimulator. It is almost perfect , starting from the design and ending with a gameplay.
    Speaking about the design and all-new spaces of the our airplane simulator , we can say that it gives you more freedom and realism ,you have ever seen in such kind of games before.

    At first we worked at airplane's compartment.The result we have now, is so near to the real life . Working at the simulation and flights , we wanted to give players more in-flight adventures, and that is why we decided to expand horizons
    of gameplay. You will have to play inside,and outside the airplane. While playing as a pilot,and blasting off the ground the airplane you will have to play as a 3rd person camera and while being in the flight,
    you will have an ability to play as a stewardess or just to get out of the cabin and walk a little-bit. While making a walk or serving passengers, you can see the airplane inside in every smallest detail : starting from the tvs over each
    seat,and ending with toilets or a kitchen.

    Also before the flight, you will play as an engineer, and your work will be to prepare the airplane for the flight : make sure that everything works fine. bring the passengers' bags to the airplane and to put them inside
    3.playing as a stewardess before the flight, you will have to clean the airplane's compartment and to bring the food inside.

    Than pilot's work begins:
    1.You need to make sure that everything works ok.
    2.You need to switch on all the devices.
    3.To begin your flight

    Try the fullest flight simulation you have ever had in the computer games !

    Source: Killjoy Games (visited 27.07.2015)

    Contributed by Harmony‚ô° (20581) on Jul 27, 2015.

Steam store:
    Attention! Only for Computers with support of 1920x1080 Resolution. RUN ONLY IN 1920x1080! ! ! Air Control is The Most Realistic Plane Simulator out there! With this game, We Give you more freedom and Go further Top Into The stages of How Both A flight is prepared for and executed Than Any Other flight Simulator out there! We are not just covering the cockpit; We're Covering Every Single step of The Process! There are several roles you will Play AS in this game: The game You start an AS PREPARE The engineer and airplane for takeoff. It will be your Duty to make sure everything is in perfect working order and all The Luggage That is on The Plane. You THEN Take on The role of A stewardess, making sure That Every compartment on The Plane, The from TVs to The toilets, are clean and The Plane That is fully stocked with food for The Ready passengers. Finally THEN You get to The Heart of The game: Playing The AS pilot. Not only will you be in charge of steering the plane to its destination properly, but also having to make sure nothing goes wrong with the equipment. In short, you carry the fate of everyone on the plane on your shoulders. Watch out, though! The threat of terrorists is always looming over you. You must do all you Can to Protect The passengers and yourself while foiling The Terrorist's Plot. Try The best flight simulation in The History of Computer games today!

    Source: Steam Store (on (archived 30.04.2014)

    Contributed by Harmony‚ô° (20581) on Jul 27, 2015.