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Air Hockey Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Main menu
Game options
Thunder Boy
Space Queen. They sure came up with some great names for these characters, didn't they?
Character selection screen
I love when they really make an effort to translate a game well...
Little Mania vs. Diesel Man!
Various letters can be picked up by hitting them with a puck
Activating speed booster
Picked up letter is displayed on the player who currently is under its influence
Diesel Man's puck is twice its size now
I lost this match
2 seconds in to the game, and there's already scoring.
Little Mania using one of his special attacks.
Ugh! If you get turned to concrete, you can't move for a short while.
Just added the Wall keeper bonus. It's like a goalie... but it's a wall.
Diesel Man uses a special attack.
You lose. Continue?
Ah... the "I pretend to show respect, even if I'm really gloating" bit.
Part of the intro. Push Start Button.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Meanwhile... Stage 2... I'm a giant (for a while), you are screwed!
Space Queen is preparing to make a trick...
28 seconds left... Will I score four more goals?
Stage 3. And these tornadoes are fu*ked up.
Go to next stage. Nice (fake?) titties.
Space Queen's sexiness will destroy Erfolg. Stay away from Earth!
Close to each other... Creepy environment?
Wtf, calm down... you beast.
"You Won"!
The winner...! Space Queen gives peace on Earth. My power is from everyone not myself! The future is unknown, go on to glory.
Name Ranking.
I beat the game... I don't deserve this message.