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AirCars Screenshots (Jaguar)

User Screenshots

Jaguar version

Title screen
High-Score table.
Game select. Note the multiplayer options, and the Catbox network support.
Mission briefing.
Controls settings. This appears if you press the Option button on the title screen.
An enemy aircar.
There's 3 levels of difficulty in total.
The enemy car is trailing smoke. Did we get him?
Attacking a mission target.
Target destroyed!
Target destroyed!
A tank, one of the common enemies of the game.
A enemy AirCar unit.
Some of the enemies of the game will leave a trail of smoke to blind you. The best tip is to follow the trail and keep shooting to destroy them.
Destroying one of the primary targets of the mission.
Mission 1A completed.
Mission 1B briefing.
You can destroy all of the enviromental objects in the game to avoid damage, although they don't give you points.
A heavy-armored tank. These ones are less easy to deal with.
Primary Target destroyed!
Mission 1B completed.
Mission 1C briefing.
One of the more annoying enemies that you have to deal with in the game are the turrets. They'll keep firing you non-stop until you're dead.
Two primary targets in sight.
Although you will be killed many times, you have unlimited lives to keep going.
Mission 1D briefing.
This is the first mission in the game that takes place in a snow area.
Introduced earlier in the game, colored gates that are not grey will transport you into another area of the game.
One of the new enemies introduced in mission 1D are radar jammers, which will jam your radar for about 30 seconds. If you destroy them, you can grab their weapon.
Mission 1D completed.
Mission 1E briefing. This is one of the first missions with 4 primary targets.
Another of the new enemies introduced in mission 1E are turrets with machine gun installed, which depletes your energy in a matter of seconds.
Mission 1G briefing.
Getting hit.
Why is a snowman doing here in the middle of battle?
The first Boss Battle in the game, a E.B.N.E.R.S. turret, which can be identified by their positioning at the exit gate and a skull emblem written on the front.
Mission 1G completed.
Mission 2A briefing.
Some levels have large hills that you have to cross but depending on their height, you'll take damage if you attempt to cross them.
Introduced in the first mission of the game are the red lines, which represents the limit of the map.
Mission 2A completed.
Mission 2B briefing.
Introduced in the first mission of the game, exit gates can be located by their grey color. Unless you destroy every primary target in the mission, you can't exit.
Mission 2B completed.
Mission 2C briefing. One of the first missions with only 2 primary targets.
E.B.N.E.R.S. tanks will have a hard time struggling with hills to attack you.
Mission 2D briefing.
In the middle of two turrets, getting ready to shot you.
Mission 2G briefing.
The second boss in the game.