Airline Tycoon Evolution Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game's main menu
There are three campaigns to choose from, each is composed is a number of missions
At the start of a mission the player selects the character they wish to play
There's a short animated sequence where the airline tycoons walk into the boss's office to be given the mission briefing
Then the tycoons walk out of the boss's office and into their own. This is a kind of menu where hotspots bring up elements that need to be managed
Here the correspondence hot spot has been activated
This shows the airplane routes currently being flown. To find out what the competition is up to the player must hire an informer
As is typical with management games there are lots of statistics available
Exploring the airport gives access to other options such as ....
... additional flights can be picked up here, these earn extra cash.
Additional planes can be purchased here, also p[lanes can be sold. Its cash only so there's nothing that can be bought early in this mission
Enter the cargo shed to pick up additional revenue by carrying freight
Planes can be customised to offer more, or less, comfort