Airliner 98: Airline Pilot Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The install process is interesting. Progress is shown on the 'airspeed indicator' and during the install the game plays samples of air traffic control conversation
Once installed there are new 'Flights' available in the flight simulator. There are four of these and they are not grouped together nor are they described
Once installed there are four new 'Adventures' available in the flight simulator. Like the new Flights these are not grouped together nor are they well described
All the aircraft are documented and are grouped together because all the names start with BOEING
One of the Adventures is to land a Korean airplane on runway 27
A Boeing 737-300 instrument panel
A Boeing 737-300 in L'Aeropostale livery
A Boeing 747-400 instrument panel showing the available options
A Boeing 747-400 in Lufthansa livery
The Boeing 767-300 instrument panel
The Boeing 767-300 in Aeroflot livery
A Boeing 777-200 instrument panel
A Boeing 777-200 in British Airways livery
The adventure "Air France 276 For Tokyo" has been selected. The player has chosen to allow text messages to guide them through the pre-flight cockpit preparation