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PlayStation version

The game's title screen

Demo version
After the title screen the player is shown the character selection screen. The window with the stars showing relative speed etc changes to show a picture and also the characters weapons. Demo version
Once the player has selected a character the game shows a loading screen like this while it prepares the game. The character here is Lady Alice, fast, maneuverable, but little armour Demo version
This is the game selection screen. from left to right the icons are location, Checkpoint game, Kill the Drones game, Ringmaster game and a Race. Demo version
At the start of each game there's a summary of the objectives Demo version
Lady Alice on the launch pad. There's a 3-2-1-FLY! countdown and the game begins. This is a checkpoint game and there is an AI player who attacks frequently Demo version
Throughout all the games the purple lights are energy power-ups. This is the Checkpoint game and a checkpoint can be seen just to the left of the character Demo version
Here The player is Drone Hunting. Twenty-one have to be destroyed in three minutes. This is where the radar and the arrows should be useful Demo version
Drone hunting. A drone has just flown past me and is in sight yet the pointy arrow is locked on to a different target Demo version
Drone Hunting. Be warned, the drones are armed. The blue thing is one of the drones Demo version
Drone Hunting. This is what it looks like when a drone is targeted. The same yellow arrows are used for AI opponents too Demo version
This is the Ringmaster game. The player must fly through all the ring sequences in a fixed time. Demo version
At the end of a game the player is told how well they did. Usually this is just a simple 'You Failed' message. Demo version

Official Screenshots

  • Aironauts Screenshot
    E3 1998
  • Aironauts Screenshot
    E3 1998
  • Aironauts Screenshot
    E3 1998