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Amstrad CPC version

Title screen and credits
Title, credits (partial) and high scores.
Get ready
Incoming fighters
I was hit
Air-to-ship battle approaching.
The ship is launching missiles at me
I lost all my lives. Game over.

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Into battle.
Blast them all.
Keep going.
Alternative title screen
TTP view
Destroy big ship
Sea raid
Another ship to destroy

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Starting in jet fighter...
Enemy planes are flying towards you...
Cruiser in the distance...
Cruiser was destroyed...
Section was completed...
Starting in helicopter...
Enemies on your way...
Clouds are hiding enemies...
Island is here...
Green plane is a big one...
Submarines are trying to hit you also...
Three tanks in front of you...
The bridge...
You have destroyed another boss...

DOS version

Title Screen (EGA)
Instructions (EGA)
Starting to fly in Helicopter (EGA)
Aiming the ground target (POW) while enemy jets are flying and shooting towards you (EGA)
Encountering 1st Boss (EGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
Title screen using one of the available alternative CGA palettes
Starting in helicopter (CGA)
Gameplay showing another set of alternative CGA colors
And another, brighter example of CGA colors
Title Screen (Tandy)
Starting in helicopter (Tandy)
Flying over the land (Tandy)
Title Screen (Hercules)
Instructions (Hercules)
Fighting with enemies in helicopter (Hercules)

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Ready to takeoff
As I totally would expect after that intro, I find myself flying through the first level with...the helicopter
Aircraft and ground vehicles trying to stop me
Boss of the first stage
Second stage, now the view has changed and I'm controlling the jet
At the end of the stage - a large ship awaits
Third stage - I'm again controlling the helicopter, but there is still lots of water here

ZX Spectrum version

This screen displays as the game loads
48 K version : The game's main menu. This has Kempston joystick support
Starting the game with keyboard as controller
128 K version : The game's main menu. No Kempston joystick support on offer
48 K version : After opting to play the game there's some tape jiggery-pokery to be done before the game is fully loaded and ready to play
128 K version : The first part of level 1 is a series of waves of fighters that appear out of the clouds like this
48 K version : Looks just the same as the 128 K version. Plays just the same as the 128 K version too. Main difference is the sound when the guns fire
The fighters launch missiles that are best avoided. It may be possible to shoot them down but its something that this player could not accomplish
One life lost - Moved to the left to dodge a missile and collided with a fighter
The level continues with more of the same until ....
.... the clouds break and this ship appears. The two round things are the planed bullets that have just been fired
There she is in all her glory. Salvos of missiles come up from the ship and the game is now about hosing the ship down with fire while avoiding them.
Eventually the ship succumbs and is destroyed by a series of explosions. The score on the right seems to increase with each one until ....
... the ship is completely destroyed. This is the end of level 1. Both 48 K & 128 K versions are the same to this point. The 48 K version requires some more loading to be done before level 2 starts
Level 2 is a top down shooter where the player takes control of a helicopter gunship. The game plays the same on both 48 K & 128 K versions
There are also gun emplacements - one of which has just totalled the chopper
Here the planes are more mobile than in level 1, they swoop and turn and are harder to avoid
One of the enemy choppers has left behind a power up
Part way through level 2 - this looks as if it could be the boss ship but its not, its just scenery.
Past the ship and nearly collided with an aircraft that came up from the bottom of the screen. It unexpectedly fired backwards and cost a life though
Next are more gun turrets and planes whose bombs explode and scatter shells across the screen
An energy pod has been collected and this gives the chopper a lazer. Still cannot hit those gun turrets though.
Game Over. This and the Hi-Score table are the same on both versions
A Hi Score has been achieved. letters are scrolled via the up / down keys. FIRE selects and moves on to the next letter.
The Hi Score table is set to allow even a modest score like this to be recorded

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