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atari breakout

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 7 1.7
Amiga CD32 Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 7 1.7

Critic Reviews

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Amiga CD32Amiga User International (May, 1995)
Film licences have a very bad reputation and Akira is much better than most, but it is lacking in some departments. The CDXL quality is average and the sound is definitely sub-standard. However, despite the minor problems, there is an addictive quality that has you coming back for more and more and more.
Amiga CD32Amiga CD32 Gamer (Mar, 1995)
Overall this has to be one of the most shameful releases yet on the CD32 and even a free T-shirt is not enough incentive for me to encourage you to get it. The only advice I can give is for you to go out and buy the video and save yourself some money.
AmigaPlay Time (May, 1995)
Das Jump & Run mit typischem Seitwärts-Scrolling beginnt im vom Dritten Weltkrieg zerstörten Tokio. Zu Fuß, auf einem Motorrad oder mit einem Fluggerät kämpft Ihr Euch durch öde Levels, untermalt von fader Musik, und versucht, ein gefährliches Geheimprojekt zu stoppen. Dabei läßt Akira schon nach kurzer Zeit den nötigen Pep vermissen, und die Spiellaune flaut ab.
AmigaAmiga Games (Apr, 1995)
Die grafische und soundtechnische Präsentation kann sich durchaus sehen lassen. Auch die Zwischenbilder sind toll gelungen. In Sachen Spielwitz hat man jedoch nur einfache Durchschnittskost abgekupfert und etwas abgewandelt. Schade um den guten Titel.
Amiga CD32Amiga Games (Apr, 1995)
Die grafische und soundtechnische Präsentation kann sich durchaus sehen lassen. Auch die Zwischenbilder sind toll gelungen. In Sachen Spielwitz hat man jedoch nur einfache Durchschnittskost abgekupfert und etwas abgewandelt. Schade um den guten Titel.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Mar, 1995)
Wer hier nach Lichtblicken sucht, wird sie also bestenfalls im weichen Scrolling und den paar netten Digi-Bildchen, welche die Story fortführen, entdecken. Am besten sucht Ihr aber gar nicht erst, denn diesen Reinfall können selbst Hardcore-Fans der Vorlagen nicht gutheißen können. Ehrlich gesagt, wagen wir noch nicht einmal zu hoffen, daß Akira in der kommenden CD-Version mehr zu bieten hat – da müßte ICE ja ein ganz neues Spiel programmieren...
(page 36/37)
AmigaAmiga Computing (Apr, 1995)
I wanted to like the game. It sounded new and original but unfortunately it wasn't. If you're a true Akira fan you'll enjoy the clips of film animation and the way the game incorporates the plot and the characters - but even then, you're still left with some very dated gameplay. This could have been a great licence which should have been exploited to the full. A shame.
Amiga CD32Amiga Joker (Apr, 1995)
Und was haben die sieben Levels eigentlich auf einer CD verloren? Allein das softe Scrolling und die netten Zwischenbilder sind erwähnenswert, die dilettantisch gezeichnete Grafik stammt jedoch aus dem gleichen Software-Gruselkabinett wie die offenbar zweistimmige Begleitmusik, welche auf Wunsch anstatt der kaum besseren Sound-FX erschallt. Also alles wie schon auf der Disk, so auch das Fazit: Hände weg von diesem Müll, egal, ob man nun ein CD32 oder einen AGA-Rechner mit CD-ROM besitzt!
(page 62)
AmigaCU Amiga (Apr, 1995)
In case you hadn't guessed by now, Akira is a big disappointment. It was always going to be hard to produce a game anywhere near as good as the film, but there's no excuse for releasing something which in my opinion is awful. Just when movie tie-ins were getting really good.
AmigaAmiga Format (Apr, 1995)
The sprites have no character, the gameplay is shabby enough to warrant execution at the hands of bad people from the other side of the world, who first use torture techniques previously thought improbable. The graphics are faceless, the level design plain dull. Akira is £30. If you've already bought it, one can only sympathise - and then suggest you should have learned by now not to dash out and buy games without reading AF reviews first. The shock of loading this up could kill the faint hearted.
AmigaAmiga Power (Apr, 1995)
Quite how such a spectacular film has been turned into such an utterly wretched game isn't entirely clear, especially given the supposed involvement of the film's production company.
Amiga CD32Computer and Video Games (CVG) (Apr, 1995)
It's difficult to imagine how poor Akira is without seeing it first. Incredibly, the team responsible has turned each facet of the visually stunning film into a shoddy mish-mash of poorly thought out ideas. The film's high-speed, high-contrast images become pallid, washed-out pastel-coloured graphics; Mr Yamashiro's unusual and striking soundtrack translates to a stock piece of Amiga-generated music, completely lacking in atmosphere. And the gameplay; well, it's so poor it's laughable. I warn you now, stay away.
Amiga CD32The One Amiga (Apr, 1995)
The worst thing, though, is not that Akira looks cheap and nasty, but that it is unbelievably shoddy too: surely anybody with a copy of AMOS and half an eye for gameplay could come up with something better than this.
Amiga CD32Retro Gamer (Mar 02, 2015)
But what really gets us is this CD32 version, which is just the kind of lazy conversion that all too frequently blighted the machine during its brief lifespan. There’s something to be said for putting software on the shelves, but if we’d been at Commodore we’d have rejected Akira for release – you wouldn’t want this kind of garbage weighing down your fledgling console.

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